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Make dog stuff at home!

Learn how to make dog stuff using our free instructions.

           How Did Make Dog Stuff Start?

My name is Jo and I started this website in 2006 to share a few items I'd made for Comet, the handsome fella at left.

After that, I began looking for other things to make in an eco friendly, cost effective way. Scrounging and creativity became the name of the game!

My generous hubby set me up with a computer and has continued to help with technical and engineering matters.

By the way, if you're a seller of dog products, you may want to check out, Trafeze, which totally cuts out the middle man!

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New to Making Dog Stuff?

If you're a newbie, we'd suggest you start with something simple; then gradually challenge yourself with more complex projects.

* Dog Stuff Spotlight * July 2016 *

Here's where we showcase a dog item each month that someone has made for his or her dog(s). If you'd like to contribute, simply go to Share Your Stuff.

Summer temperatures means it's pool time! Marie from Gibraltar provides details on how to construct the simple dog pool ramp pictured below.

The materials for this are inexpensive and should be easy to find. A pool dog ramp can be a lifesaver for a dog that falls into the pool and is looking for a way out. You can find the instructions here.

Our Purpose

We aim to:

  • Teach you to make your own dog products using  recycled materials whenever possible.
  • Have you share things you've created for your dog(s)!

Although there's no charge for most of the instructions for how to make dog stuff, we do have a few specially engineered dog plans which are available for purchase at a relatively low cost.

Share Your Dog Stuff!

To share how you make dog stuff, go to the Homemade Dog Stuff page and follow the instructions. It's easy to submit - all you need to do is fill out a simple form, describe what you've made, and add up to four digital photos of your project (photos welcome but not required).

Usable contributions that are of sufficient length become a stand-alone page on our site (for example, the DIY Pool Ramp by Marie from Gibraltar or the Dog Harness Dress by Cynthia from California).

Good ideas that are shorter are incorporated into existing pages, with credit given to you.