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Dog Suit!

by Nickee

Okay, let's say we have a normal pug, but you wanna dress it up to look like a um, T-Cup poodle, or a Dachshund, get it? a mixed dog! xD like, a Pug, idk if it's a stupid idea, but...

Another one is, dogs dressed up like Abraham Lincoln or George Washington, like, get it a little Abraham hat to stay on, and a black suit and what not, lol

idk if this one is taken, but, star wars outfits, lik a yoda dog with bi green ears and a jedo suit on! :D that'd be so cute! or Chewbacca Doggy =D

Gangsta dog, get it some bling bling, like gold Necolaces, and some things like that! Gangsta Poodle wut wut!

Basebeall teams? Dogs dressed p like Dodgers and what not, Dodger Dogs! HAHAHAHHAHA!

Food, Hotdog outfits, dogs looking like winer schitchel dogs! lol, imagine a doschund with a bun Costume on, lol.

That realy is all i can think off, lolololololololololol
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