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lady bug (lg dog costume)

by Lonnie
(San Diego)

I didn't make this lady bug dog costume: I paid $1.00 for the wing & antennae set at local dollar store (kids' section). I tied the wings to the antennae that come as a head band...and voila.

The wings were just the right size for my big girl; she didn't seem to mind the hair band around her neck. I attached the head band to her collar so it wouldn't come off.

Editor's note: Gosh, Lonnie, that's a great costume and the price was definitely right! We feel a homemade dog costume does not have to be made from scratch - taking an inexpensive product and using it in a different way than intended also qualifies, i.e., ingenuity counts!

We appreciate the beautiful photo as well - look for it on our home page throughout December.

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