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Vibrating Tennis Ball Dog Toy

by Lisa

This toy is not for every dog and our dog doesn't play with it unsupervised as she can be "Hard on the Equipment".

I found one of those vibrating cat toys in the dollar store and bought a few. They look kinda like a tadpole. You pull the tail and the head vibrates as the string retracts into the vibe mechanism. Nuff said.

I cut a slice in a tennis ball and slipped the head part of the toy inside the ball and left the tail part out. I pulled the string to start the vibration and let my dog have it. She loved it! she'd whip it around and pounce on it. It got to where she would pull the tail herself to start the vibration and it looked like she was trying to start a lawn mower.

I would recommend supervision while your dog plays with this toy but once you watch the fun supervision wont seem like a chore.

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fun for you & your dog!
by: Linda

That sounds pretty cool. I can see where you would need to watch your dog BUT you are watching the fun anyway.

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