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Visiting Non-Sewer of Dog Clothes

by Vic
(Ontario, Canada)

Hi Folks

I totally don't know how to sew and you'll understand when you read my question. So I have a nice sweater for my Yorkie ( that of course I bought ) and I would like to attach loose strings/elastic/old bra strap to the body of the sweater at the back end to loop a loop around each leg to prevent it from either blowing up or moving up ( he has a winter coat that has straps ( little thin loose straps )

So here's the question.........where and how do I place the strap? I don't know exactly where on the sweater body to attach it? And then make a circle and attach it in some kind of loop. How do I know where to attach it?

Wow I sound pretty clueless but I don't want to attach the straps 100 times. I'm sure someone knows what I'm trying to explain here.

To make this funnier, after someone explains this to me, I will actually attach a picture of my end result Yikes.......but I will.

Thanks so much


Hello Vic,

The easiest thing to do would be to take pins, or safety pins if your Yorkie is a wriggler, and try different placements before you try to sew anything. Since each dog is an individual size/shape, you will need to experiment. You may be able to get an idea of where to place the additional straps from other photos online.

Hope this helps - and yes, please do send in a photo of the result!


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Mar 11, 2017
No sew
by: Julie. Saint John NB

You could always use the safety pins to attach the elastic where it'll fit best; then when you have it marked, just cut little holes in the sweater. Then lace the elastic through and tie it to a comfy length with a knot and then a bow. If your dog's a boy you could just pull the knotted part through so it doesn't show. That's the easiest way I can think of that doesn't involve sewing. There's always hot glue too.

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