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* Make Dog Stuff Spotlight *
*April 2020

These are distressing times for all of us and our dogs are likely realizing something is going on. If you're able to spend more time than usual with your furry friend(s), here are some things I'd suggest:

1. Focus on each day as it comes rather than worrying about how bad things may become. After all, the weather is still doing its thing, spring plants are here or on their way (or the opposite below the equator), and dogs are still being dogs. Many people are also still working to keep us healthy, safe, and fed.

2. If you tend to become anxious, like me, you could do some planning – have a Plan A, a plan B and a plan C for different future scenarios, then put them aside and go play with your dog or take him or her for a walk.

3. Try out something new to make for your dog - clothes, treats. If you find you'd rather make or do something else, go for it! Likely you will learn something just by trying.

4. For exercise, the Whipwhir works well in a fairly small space. If he or she should not be jumping and twisting, you can just pull it along on the ground.

4. Games such as “Find It!” is one Comet used to love. We also have a bunch of dog toy ideas using recycled items.

My favorite saying right now - "This too shall pass" - whether you stay glued to your news sources and social media accounts or not, the virus is going to do its thing. We just have to wait it out while taking precautions.

Stay well!   

Jo and Stan

New to Making Dog Stuff?

If you're a newbie, we'd suggest you start with something simple such as Crocheted Dog Socks or Knitted Dog Leg Warmers; then gradually challenge yourself with more complex projects.

You may also want to check out other ideas on the Dog Accessories page first, before tackling something like a dog ramp or bed.

           How Did Make Dog Stuff Start?

Comet 1998-2010. Wasn't he a handsome fella?

This website began in 2006 to share items I'd made for Comet.

After that, I began looking for other things to make in an eco friendly, cost effective way. Scrounging and creativity became the name of the game!

I couldn't do all this without my sweet and generous hubby who helps with technical and engineering matters. 

Our Purpose

We aim to:

  • Teach you to make your own dog products using  recycled materials whenever possible.
  • Provide a springboard for you to come up with your own upcycled ideas.
  • Collect these ideas to provide a resource for other dog lovers all over the world. See how to share your stuff below.

Although there's no charge for most of the instructions for how to make our dog products, we do have a few specially engineered dog plans for wheelchairs and ramps, which are available for purchase at a relatively low cost.

Note that we also obtain a small amount of revenue from ads and Amazon or affiliate links (hence the request that you accept Cookies). However, we try to keep those to a minimum so as not to detract from the content. 

Thank you for your support!

Share Your Dog Stuff!

To share how you make dog stuff, simply contact us. 

Note that usable contributions that are of sufficient length become a stand-alone page on our site (for example, the  or the Dog Harness Dress by Cynthia from California).

Good ideas that are shorter are incorporated into existing pages, with credit given to you. Either way, people from all over the world may get to see what you've made!