3 -in-1 sock toy for small to extra large dogs

by anonymous

Materials: An old sock(a men`s tube sock works best),a rubber ball(tennis ball can also be used),and an empty, disposable plastic water bottle.

First, put the ball in the sock`s toe end.

Second,tie a knot in the sock,and pull it to make sure it is close to the ball.

Third, put the water bottle in the sock.

Fourth, tie the top of the sock in a knot. This may be tricky because there isn`t a very long end to tie by this step, so you cut the remaining tube in half and tie the halves together.

Your dog(s) will enjoy the playfulness of the ball,the crinkle of the water bottle,and the knots and texture of the sock. This toy can be both an indoor and/or outdoor toy.

(optional): cut the tips of the two strings at the top of the knot at the end in halves and knot them.

This toy is tough, it can stand up to my Great Dane's abuse, as well as a suitable toy for small to medium size dogs.

Other suggestions: Dip the toy in water and freeze it overnight; attach it to a see Whipwhir; or use other dog toys inside of the sock instead of a dog`s ball. You can also use a smaller ball and a pint-sized water bottle and give it to Chihuahuas or toy breeds. You can also make patterns of balls and pint-sized water bottles.

If the sock or bottle get worn out, you can easily replace it.

Important: Make sure that your dogs don`t rip off any cloth pieces, or they may swallow them and/or choke. Always supervise your dog(s) while he/she is playing with a toy.

Thank you for this variation on a dog sock toy and for reminding folks to watch their dog to make sure pieces are not ingested. Although it probably occurs rarely, cloth pieces could also cause bowel obstruction, which may mean expensive surgery. Besides, it is usually much more fun for the dog if the owner is present...

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great idea!
by: Anonymous

This is a great toy...you can also add unpopped kernels of popcorn (those left over when the popcorn is stopped because you don't want blackened popcorn) into the water bottle. Glue the top on the water bottle. This adds an additional sound which excites the dog and is less annoying than squeekers.

Nice idea!!
by: Lisa

Wish my dog still played with toys.

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