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The Doggazine, Issue No. 13, 2008
July 01, 2008

Happy Independence Day to those in the U.S. and Canada (and any other country that celebrates independence in July)!

Most humans enjoy the fireworks accompanying the celebrations, but some dogs are terrified by the strange/loud sounds. If you have a dog you think might need reassurance, try to have someone at home when the fireworks are happening. If that's not possible, leaving music playing or the television on (whatever the dog is used to hearing) at a slightly higher volume, may have a calming effect.

What's New and In The Works?

We've created a new category, Dog Truck Boxes and Dog Crates:
Pages added so far include:
Dog Boxes and Dog Crates
How To Build Dog Boxes

Jo's started on a Hawaiian shirt for Comet and hopes to have it completed by the end of July. She's also working on a new dog bandana page.

It's Free

The winner of our FREE set of dog ramp plans in June was Joseph from Idaho, who is currently stationed with the US military in Spangdahlem AB, Germany. He has two Staffordshire Terriers named Charlie and Stella. Congratulations, Joe!

Sign up to receive our FREE monthly ezine by July 15, 2008, and you'll automatically be entered in a drawing for instructions for a braided collar-and-leash set!

Here's the link to subscribe to The Doggazine. Pass it along to a friend or relative! Winner to be announced in the August 2008 issue.

ASPCA Toxic Plants Video
Watch this YouTube video profiling 17 plants that are toxic to pets.

Kids Stuff: For Kids of All Ages

Combine your dog's paw print(s) and your hand prints into a picture!

Practice handling your dog's paw by pressing it against a piece of thin cardboard a few times while he or she is lying down, until the dog no longer reacts. If you plan to use more than one paw or color, practice with more paws.

You will need:
  • Light colored card stock or thin cardboard from an empty box
  • Non-toxic finger paint(s) or water-based ink pad(s)
  • A washcloth and bowl of water to clean your dog's paws afterward

To get the paw print:

  • Ask someone to help you
  • Wait until your dog is relaxed and lying down
  • Get your paint or ink pad and the card stock ready
  • Gently take a paw and coat it with paint or roll it against the ink pad
  • Bring the card stock to the paw and press gently and evenly
  • Repeat with other paws or colors as your dog tolerates
  • Wash all the paint and ink off your dog's paws when you are done
  • Now add your own hand prints and writing to the picture
When the picture is dry, hang it up in a special place or give it to your favorite person!

Reader's Write

Do you have a question you want answered? Just Ask Us

We usually respond within two days so if you don't receive an answer, it may mean we either didn't get a valid e-mail address to respond to (this has happened several times), or your spam blocker blocked the email. Set your emails to receive from */

Deb, who lives in the United States, asks:
I saw the question about where to buy bow supplies to make those cute bows for her shitzu. I have a Yorkie, Abby, that I'd love to make bows for too! I found the supplies, now I need the instructions for making the bows. I have not been able to find them. I know there must be some some of trick to making them. I like the bows with 1 to 3 loops made of ribbon that are stiff. I like both the barrett and rubber band attachment types. Please help!

Here is Jo's reply:
Here's a link to four designs I came up with (I made up the names) - the Flat Bow, Rosebud, Pansy and Bow Tie designs

There is also the Layered Barrette design and what I call the Ruffled Barrette design.

You may need to experiment to see which ones work best with stiff ribbon.

Please feel free to share what you come up with on our "Share Your Dog Story" page. Photos are especially appreciated! For an example of a contribution by one of our visitors, see a recent submission at It's Fun Making Dog Hair Bows.

Remember, we'd love to hear from the rest of you, anywhere in the wide world - if you have a question, we'll try to find the answer somewhere, somehow...
Jo, Stan and Comet


Here are some interesting photos and descriptions of various Dog Truck Boxes that people have built.

Honda, the Japanese automaker, is hip to the fact that the Japanese are big-time dog lovers. At a recent auto show, they featured the WOW, a vehicle with some ideas for making a car more dog friendly.
See WOW dog car

Tips & Tricks

General tips for working with materials:

Tip 1:
It's better to cut something a little too big than too small.

Tip 2:
Use duct or masking tape as a temporary fastener to hold fabrics, yarns or pieces of wood onto a work surface.

Tip 3:
When you glue pieces of wood together and you don't have the right size clamp to hold them together, use duct or masking tape unless the wood has a veneer surface. In that case, tightly wrapped bungee cords may work.

Word Play

What do you get when you mix a cattle dog and a rattlesnake?
A rattledog!

What did the hard drinking dog say to the bartender?
"Bring me a cat-a-tonic, pronto!"

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