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The Doggazine, Issue No. 2 -- July 2007
July 01, 2007
Welcome to the second issue of our new monthly e-zine, The Doggazine!

In The Works

We are:
  • Making progress on a dog sweater geared to beginning knitters
  • Starting on a folding plywood dog ramp
  • Putting together pages on building dog kennels and runs
  • Making a doggie necklace
  • Working on next month's Doggazine!
Note: The crocheted dog sweater is on a back burner for now...

It's Free

Looking for FREE stuff?

Free Pooper Scoopers. It costs you nothing to make your own Homemade Pooper Scoopers

Do you have a set of old couch cushions? Here's how to make a free dog bed from them. Free Homemade Dog Bed

Kids Stuff: For Kids of All Ages

Hey all you kids and those young at heart, we had no entries for last month's CLUE HUNT so we're going to run it again in July.

Remember, the first one to email us with all the correct answers gets a PRIZE!

The answers will be listed in next month's Doggazine and we'll list the names of the prize winner and all who answered correctly.

(Adding your state, province or country and particulars about your dog(s) will make it more interesting for our readers.)

Here's how to send us your answers:

  • Email us at
  • Write "July 2007 Clue Hunt" in the subject line.
  • End the e-mail with your first name (or a name you made up if you don't want us to know your real name).
  • Put the number of each question with your answer in the email. Here's an example:
    Question 1: What is the name of our website?
    In your email put:

Ready for Clue Hunt #1? Here we go!

This month's answers can be found in the following areas of our site:
About Us; Dog Beds; Collars,Leashes; Exercise Equipment; Dog Remedies

  • Question 1: What was the name of the Dachshund Jo grew up with?
  • Question 2: What type of dogs were Fred and Clyde?
  • Question 3: Name two things that can be caused or made worse by your dog being overweight
  • Question 4: Name the main reason why your dog has fleas?
  • Question 5: What is the free homemade dog bed made out of?
  • Question 6: At least how thick should the foam be for an orthopedic dog bed?
  • Question 7: What is the Bloopee used for?
  • Question 8: What is Comet's favorite toy that also gives him exercise?
  • Question 9: What do you call it when a dog pulls someone on skis?
  • Question 10: How long do we recommend the rope or webbing to be when you make a leash?

    Reader's Write

    Question: Toni from Australia writes: Do you have instructions for making a dog car ramp that can be folded away to store in the car when not in use? The folding ones available made from alumunium etc are around $350-$400 AU! Far too much.

    Answer: We haven't made one ourselves as yet. However, if we were to make one, I think we would modify the Plywood Dog Ramp as follows:

    Determine the best length, width and thickness of your plywood based on your dog's needs.

    Measure how long the folded ramp can be to fit in the car. For instance, if you have an 8 ft (2400mm) ramp and you have 4 ft (1200mm) of car space, you can have a ramp that folds in half. If you have less space in the car than that, you'll need to have a ramp with at least three folding sections for it to fit.

    Also, measure how thick the folded sections can be. If you're trying to stow the ramp in a space 3 inches (75mm) high, it may be a challenge to fit the ramp when folded.

    We hope to have built a folding ramp and have more detailed instructions available by the next issue of the Doggazine.


    Here are two dog books we found helpful:

    How To Be Your Dog's Best Friend by the Monks of New Skete -
    These New York monks started breeding German Shepherds for income and kept some for companion dogs. Over time they developed non-violent training techniques. They emphasize that in order for dogs to become well behaved, they need to be:

    • trained with an individual approach
    • treated as members of a pack
    • kept close to and receive consistent affection from their human pack members
  • Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide To Natural Health For Dogs & Cats -
    The recent pet food recall left us with a lot of concerns about the best diet for Comet. This book, published in 1995, outlines clearly why commercial pet foods often contribute to pet ill health.

    The Pitcairns offer easy-to-make nutritionally balanced recipes based on raw foods and whole grains as substitutes.

    They also offer natural health care solutions for many common ailments such as cancers, worms, skin problems and more.

    Tips & Tricks

    Tip 1:
    If you're sewing fabric such as cotton that will take a crease, it is often easier to pin and then iron it before sewing.

    Tip 2:
    Trying to pin a seam in slippery fabric? Use strips of tape at intervals, then pin the sections in between. Remove tape before sewing.

    Tip 3:
    If you're sewing webbing but don't have the exact right color thread, note that a slightly darker color will blend in better than a lighter one.

    What's New at Make and Build Dog Stuff?

    We've been a little slow at adding new pages this month, but here are two:

    Homemade Pooper Scoopers (as mentioned under Free Stuff) and

    Other Types of Dog Carts

    Word Play

    One human to another at a ballgame: "Mark my spot while I get a hot dog, will you?"

    Dog peeing on a bush: "Gotta mark my spot..."

    Human reading newspaper says to whining dog: "Let me finish reading this article, then we'll go for a walk."

    Dog straining on leash to sniff intently at invisible spot on a bush: "Let me finish reading this article, then we can continue our walk!"

    That's all till next month folks. See you then!

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