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The Doggazine, Issue No. 1 -- June 2007
June 01, 2007
Welcome to the first issue of our new monthly e-zine, The Doggazine!

In The Works
  • A dog sweater geared to beginning knitters
  • The crocheted sweater Jo began for Comet some time ago
  • Instructions for making a dog necklace
  • More pages on dog carting
  • Next month's Doggazine!

It's Free

Looking for FREE DOG E-BOOKS to download?

Kids - Make sure you have someone 18 or older help you with this!

Here are the steps:

  • Go to
  • Create an account
  • Choose Books, then Pets
  • Browse for dog e-books marked FREE or
  • In the "Search" box type in the author's name from the books shown below, choose the Books category and hit Go
  • Scroll to the book you want
  • Click on where it says Download FREE and NOT where it says Paperback $5.95 or Hardback $20 or YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY for it!
After you click on Download Free for the e-book you want, note the following:
  • The downloads are pdf files, so you will need Adobe Reader
  • With Windows XP you may have to go to File, Save Page As and save the pdf file where you can find it (Desktop, My Documents etc.)
  • Adjust the size of the page to 100% or smaller to look at it properly

Here are the 4 books we selected. Remember to search by the author's name. Enjoy!


The Spirit of Love by Ali Moffitt
Ali's own words about the loss of her dog, Storm Bringer.
(7 pages) (329 kb)

The Wonder World Of Dogs by Aaron Deutsch
(25 pages) (1310 kb)


Discovering Duggy - by Alexandra Joy Backes
(42 pages) (146 kb)

Amazing Arnie - by Paul Heisel
(12 pages) (93 kb)

Kids Stuff: For Kids of All Ages

Hey all you kids and those young at heart, here's our first CLUE HUNT!

The first one to email us with all the correct answers will get a prize!
The answers will be listed in next month's Doggazine and we'll list the names of the prize winner and all who answered correctly.
(Adding your state, province or country and particulars about your dog(s) will make it more interesting for our readers)

Here's how to send us your answers:

  • Email us at
  • Write "June 2007 Clue Hunt" in the subject line.
  • End the e-mail with your first name (or a name you made up if you don't want us to know your real name).
  • Put the number of each question with your answer in the email. Here's an example:
    Question 1: What is the name of our website?
    In your email put:

Ready for Clue Hunt #1? Here we go!

This month's answers can be found in the following areas of our site:
About Us; Dog Beds; Collars,Leashes; Exercise Equipment; Dog Remedies

  • Question 1: What was the name of the Dachshund Jo grew up with?
  • Question 2: What type of dogs were Fred and Clyde?
  • Question 3: Name two things that can be caused or made worse by your dog being overweight
  • Question 4: Name the main reason why your dog has fleas?
  • Question 5: What is the free homemade dog bed made out of?
  • Question 6: At least how thick should the foam be for an orthopedic dog bed?
  • Question 7: What is the Bloopee used for?
  • Question 8: What is Comet's favorite toy that also gives him exercise?
  • Question 9: What do you call it when a dog pulls someone on skis?
  • Question 10: How long do we recommend the rope or webbing to be when you make a leash?

    Reader's Write

    Question: I have tried to find a carrier for my little Yorkie like the ones that they carry babies in. It would place him against my chest, not my back. Thank you.

    Answer: At this time we don't have a design for a carrier. If you haven't already found a design, here are some suggestions:

    Find a baby carrier in a store or one that's owned by somebody you know and look at how it's constructed. Or visit a dog park and ask small dog owners if anyone they know has a carrier. If possible, take pictures with a digital camera.

    Then take an old sheet or piece of scrap fabric that's big enough and make a dummy version using safety pins instead of straight pins if you want to try your Yorkie in it. Remember to allow enough room so that you can fold raw edges under and make seams.

    When you're satisfied, sew it together, by hand or by machine.


    Here are two dog related websites we found interesting:

    Alaskan Husky
    Great information on dog care for a pack of dogs including feeding, housing, mushing gear and training and keeping kennel areas clean. The forum is also very good and offers some areas not found on standard dog forums.

    An entertaining site with over 1,200 quotations, including some poems and proverbs.

    Tips & Tricks

    Tip 1:
    If your yarn gets all tangled up when you're knitting or crocheting, here are some ideas for straightening things out:
    • First off, don't pull on the thread closest to your work
    • Instead, go to the tangled area and gently pull at any knotted areas until they loosen
    • Pull out any loops you see
    • Hold your workpiece up in the air and see if you can untwist any strands that need it
    • If need be, wrap the untangled yarn around a piece of cardboard at least 3 inches (7.5cm) wide to prevent renewed tangling

    Tip 2:
    Have a gap in your woodworking too big to cover with wood putty alone?
    Here's a way to cover it up:

    • Use one or more pieces of wood and/or cardboard to wedge tightly into the gap
    • Cover the wedge with a smooth layer of wood putty or caulk
    • If the rest of the project is painted, paint over your fix so it blends in

    What's New at Make and Build Dog Stuff?

    First off, we've added a couple of pages on the ancient and fascinating activity of Dog Carting

    We also have directions for cutting down our regular doggie steps to make skinny steps for those of you who only have a narrow space to put them. Go to Make Doggie Stairs - Mini Style

    Need to make a leash in a hurry? We have two versions for you. See our Quick Dog Leash and the Easy Rope Leash

    Finally, we added another page for making a bandana. This one only uses one layer of fabric. Check out How To Make A Dog Bandana

    Word Play

    Three different viewpoints about a dog on a leash:
    Dog: Doggone line!
    Dog owner: Dog on line
    Website viewer: Dog online

    Dog owner: Something to gargle with.
    Dog: Gotta lick that face!

    That's all till next month folks. See you then!

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