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The Doggazine, Final Issue, Mar 2009
March 01, 2009

We regret to tell you that for the foreseeable future, there will be no more issues of The Doggazine.

Your editor is studying full time and there just isn't time to produce this ezine as well. It's been a very enjoyable process with so much learned since that first issue in June 2007...

Our Back Issues will remain available for browsing at your leisure (although we cannot guarantee that all the links in them will continue to work).

What's New and In The Works?

Pages that were added are shown below.


Our main additions have been the Dog Toy Patterns pages.
Make your own soft, squeaky dog toys using designs such as the: Fishy, Diamond Cube, Daisy, Flying Saucer, and Four Point Star!


All of the below ideas were contributed by visitors between December 15, 2008, and February 28, 2009. Several of you added more than one idea - this is a great way to help people around the world - THANK YOU!

Caitlyn from Chinchilla, Queensland: Pool, Clothesline Ball and Iceblocks
Dunja from Vajs: Roly Poly Fun Dog Chew Toy
Georgia from Melbourne: Doggie Icy Pole
Ginger from Santa Barbara, California: Squeaky Sock Ball
Jess from Mitchell: Curtain Tunnels/Maze and Cardboard Pressies
Joe from Penfield, New York: T-Toy
Kaitlen and Bree from Wisconsin: Knotty Dog Toy and Famous Dog Toy
Kara from Massachusetts: Bottle Toy, Tennis Ball Game, Hide and Go Seek and Find It!
Katie from Orangevale, California: Soccer Sock Tug Rope
Kendall from Omaha, Nebraska: Simple Tug-o-War Dog Toy
Kirstin: Socks and More Dog Treat Toy
Laina from New Jersey: Tennis Ball In Sock
Linda from Lancaster, California: Shake A Bottle toy
Ocean from Halifax:the Stuffed Bone
Rachael from Utah: Fleece Pull Rope
Raine from MR (anyone know where that is?): Sock Monster
Sam from Brisbane, Australia: Munch and Crunch
Sandy Caicedo from Reading, Pennsylvania: Water Bottle dog toy
Tara from San Jose, California: Doggy Donuts and Towel Toy
Teresa from Canada: No Pull Dog Harness
Anonymous: Crumple Fox

As per usual, we will be adding new pages here and there. Keep an eye on our What's New section or sign up for our RSS feed to find out what we come up with!

It's Free

Here are some links to free dog clothing patterns:
Dog Dress with Pattern
Free Resizable Dog Dress Pattern
Free Resizable Dog Vest Pattern
Free Dog Fleece Sweater Pattern

To thank our contributors, a FREE mystery e-prize is being sent to all who added their ideas between December 15 and February 28.

Note: We will need a working email address to send you the prize and your spam filter will need to be able to accept an email from * Please Contact Us if you did not previously supply an email address and wish to receive your prize.

Kids Stuff: For Kids of All Ages

Well, for our finale there are a couple of websites you may wish to check out. The first is:
Info on Dogs: Making Crafts

Here's a game that we found rather challenging:
Dog Breed Photo Game

Reader's Write

Do you have a question you want answered or some comments you want to pass along? Just Ask Us or Contact Us
We usually respond within two days so if you don't receive an answer, it may mean we either didn't get a valid e-mail address to respond to (this has happened several times), or your spam blocker blocked the email. Set your emails to receive from */

Barbara from the United States wrote: Need some exercising advice. Have an 8 yo female pit bull mix, approx. 78 lbs., which I adopted a year ago. I live in a 2nd floor apartment and suffer from osteoarthritis in both knees (running is impossible for me). I also work full time. I pay someone to come run with her (about 3 miles) once a week, because that's all I can afford right now. I take her on walks (sometimes short, depending on weather) 4 times a day. I have no yard (back of building is a parking lot; front has a porch, but not real yard). My pit is dog aggressive, so the dog park is out of the question. Do you have any suggestions?

Here's part of Jo's answer::
We have struggled with this issue for years, although Comet is cat- rather than dog aggressive. The best method I can suggest is bicycling with your dog. From my understanding and my own experience, it's a lot easier on the knees than walking, as long as you use the spinning technique. Spinning means putting the bicycle in a gear where you don't apply much pressure on the pedals, but pedal lightly and do more revolutions than people normally do at that speed. To prevent your dog from pulling you off the bicycle with a lunge, make yourself a B-Loop and attach it low down on the stem above the front wheel. This is where you will thread your dog's leash through. Here's the link to how to make that: Bicycle Exercise

Hope this helps. Best wishes, Jo

Remember, we'd love to hear from the rest of you, anywhere in the wide world - if you have a question, we'll try to find the answer somehow...
Jo, Stan and Comet


For a fun website with all sorts of good ideas, check out
Look at the right-hand side where it says "Browse" and then "Select a Topic" and scroll down to "Pets." Once you're on the Pets page, look at the left-hand column for specific categories such as "Dog Toys" etc.

The following site has all kinds of fascinating facts and information:
Dogs FAQ Index

Tips & Tricks

General Tips for Making Your Own Dog Stuff:
Tip 1:
If you want to make something but cannot find instructions for how to do it, try and find an existing version and make notes and/or drawings on how it's put together. Or, if it's cheap enough, buy it and take it apart.

Tip 2:
Notes should include materials used, dimensions/sizes, and if there's any hardware such as buckles or snaps.

Tip 3:
Allow yourself time to make mistakes and experiment. You may come up with a wonderful design in the process! (And we guarantee you'll have learned something you didn't know before!)

Word Play

The area we live in is called, San Marco.
Stan quips that Comet acts like it's called San Barco.

The Embarcadero in San Francisco means the place to embark in Spanish.
Dogs just think it means the place to start barking. (Any excuse will do!)

Our thanks to all of you who have supported The Doggazine!

We're committed to keeping the site going and hope to hear from you when you send in your ideas, questions or comments.

Be good to your dog(s) and they'll give you joy - happy days till we meet again!

Stan, Jo and Comet ************************************
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