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The Doggazine, Issue No. 12 -- May 2008
May 01, 2008

April was a tough month for some dog lovers. A few of our own challenging experiences led to research into dog insurance and prevention options:

  1. A Great Dane attacked Comet. Fortunately injuries were minor so no trip to the vet was necessary. We discovered that you can get separate accident insurance for dogs and there's no restriction regarding the dog's age. We'll be putting out more information on that soon...
  2. A lady who lives around the corner rescued a litter of abandoned pups. Since they weren't vaccinated, several contracted and died of parvovirus. Her dogs' feces may have contaminated some common outdoor areas, although she tried to remove all traces and used bleach, which is supposed to be effective in killing the virus. We hope Comet has immunity from being given the right shots as a puppy, since we didn't get him till he was older. Without dog health insurance, treatment for parvovirus runs in the thousands and has only an 80% success rate...
  3. Someone sent us an email about an ad from the Charlotte, South Carolina, craigslist: Amy and her family lost their beloved 100-pound dog, Chilly, after he got his head stuck in a bag of potato chips while they were out on errands. Theirs is not the first dog to die this way, and they want to warn as many people as possible - pass it on if you would...
  4. After eating inferior (but expensive) kibble for a month, Comet was showing signs of dental problems such as bleeding gums, bad breath, plaque and tartar. Daily brushing of his teeth and a change in diet are helping, but we're still working on remedies for some of the problems...
What's New and In The Works?

We've added a few new pages since last month:
Under Homemade Dog Remedies:
Dog Dental Insurance Can Help
Dog Dental Insurance Companies

Under Dog Exercise Equipment:
Information on Manual or Dog-Powered Treadmills

It's Free

Want to know how your dog's breed compares to other dog breeds regarding temperament? Here are free statistics and, no, pitbulls are not the most aggressive dogs out there! American Temperament Test Society (ATTS).

For some great historic photos of dog-powered treadmills, check out American Artifacts
To view the photos, look on the left side and scroll down to where it says Photo 1.

Kids Stuff: For Kids of All Ages

Feeling like doing something big? Make a DOG MURAL to hang on your wall or door!

Materials Needed:
  • Blank paper or cardboard, butcher paper preferred
  • Tape (any kind that sticks to paper)
  • Thumbtacks or push pins
  • A pencil and good eraser
  • Crayons, markers or paints
  • Newspaper, plastic or a tarp to serve as a dropcloth
  • Decorative items such as buttons, ribbons, glitter, lace, yarn, pompoms, feathers etc.
  • Glue
  1. Measure the space where you'll put your finished mural
  2. Lay out pieces of paper or cardboard to get the right size
  3. Tape together on the back side, then turn the whole thing over
  4. Tape or tack your mural surface to a door or put it on a large table
  5. Draw an outline of a dog or dog's head with the pencil
  6. Step back to check it and make corrections with the eraser and pencil as needed
  7. Put down newspaper or tarp to protect the floor
  8. Color or paint, using big, bold strokes
  9. Glue on decorations, being as creative as you dare!
  10. Let things dry, then tack up your dog mural for everyone to see

Reader's Write

Do you have a question you want answered? Just Ask Us

We usually respond within two days so if you don't receive an answer, it may mean we either did not get a valid e-mail address to respond to (this has happened several times), or your spam blocker blocked the email. Set your emails to receive from */

Hanneke from the Netherlands asks:
How can I give my lively Labrador puppy enough exercise? I live in a flat on a busy road and don't have a car.

Here's our reply:
We have a few suggestions:
  • Swimming and playing fetch in a lake or canal (if the water is clean enough)
  • Bicycle exercise: make a Bloopee first and go very slowly until your puppy understands to stay on one side and not to get in front of your tire
  • Buy a dog treadmill or convert a human one to dog use
  • Advertise for someone who does have a car to pick you and your dog up for trips to areas where the dogs can run or take part in sports activities such as agility, flyball, etc. Maybe you can take care of their dog when they are on vacation or offer to pay for gasoline in return

Remember, we'd love to hear from the rest of you, anywhere in the wide world - if you have a question, we'll try to find the answer somewhere, somehow...
Jo, Stan and Comet


The All American Premier Breeds Administration or AAPBA sponsors two types of dog sporting organizations for purebred, unaltered dogs. Events are held in Castle Rock, Washington, about 60 miles north of Portland, Oregon.

Extreme Dog Racing is based on high speed dog racing. Extreme Dog Racing and the Extreme Treadmill Sprint are the two main racing events held year round on a monthly basis. Looks like it would be fun to watch!

Weight Pull Sports is just what it sounds like. Dogs compete to see who can pull the most weight. Since some breeders were starting to stack the odds in their favor by indiscriminately breeding stronger dogs, as of February 10, 2008, the AAPBA changed the standard measure of strength to pound for pound, meaning the most weight pulled per weight of dog.

Tips & Tricks

Tip 1:
If you need to saw two pieces of wood so they are exactly the same shape, screw or clamp them together first, then do your cutting.

Tip 2:
If you need to get two pieces out of one board and there is enough room, cut the pieces slightly bigger than you want them, then follow Tip 1 and cut them to the proper size.

Word Play

For humans, a catwalk is a narrow walkway, often along a bridge.
Dogs see a catwalk as the top of the fence that cats use as a means to torment them.

Ice hockey players get egged on by catcalls from watching crowds.
Comet gets spurred on by catcalls from prowling cats!

Well, that's all for May, folks. Hope everyone up north is seeing signs of spring, and those in the southern hemisphere are experiencing a cooling off into autumn!

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