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The Doggazine, Issue No. 16, Oct-Nov 2008
November 01, 2008

Happy Birthday to Comet who turns 10 today!! This year's present to him is a bicycle trailer. So far we've taken him to a number of new places. It sure brightens people's day when they see him riding in style!

Speaking of presents, if money's a little tight this year, why not make handmade gifts for people who have dogs? See our Kids Stuff section for some quick and easy ideas...

What's New and In The Works?

Pages that were added are shown below. A big THANK YOU to all visitors who created pages with ideas on our site since September (VC means Visitor Contributed). We need all the help we can get!

See Dog Bed Patterns for links to all, including pages on Measurements, Materials, Instructions and several dog bed patterns including Round, Oval, Rectangular, Trapezoid and Kidney Bean.

Easy Sweat Shirts For Little Dogs (VC)
How To Make Cheap Home Made Dog Clothes (VC)

Large Dog Costume: Red Riding Hood and the Wolf
Large Dog Costume: Dog Rescue Team
Hannah The Princess (VC) and Patches The Pirate (VC)
"Cereal" Killer (VC), Fauna (VC) and Flora(VC)
Goldfish (VC) and Cat In The Hat (VC)

Vibrating Tennis Ball Dog Toy (VC)
Tennis Ball In Sock (VC), The Maracas: A Fun Dog Toy (VC)
The Rag Wad (VC), Rice Sock For Chewing Puppies (VC)
Plush Bone Dog Toy (VC), Tea Towel Tug Rope Toy For Puppy (VC)
Giant Knot Dog Chew Toy (VC), Toy Breed Bones Out of Twine (VC)

Dog Ice-Blocks (VC)

Lily's Lost Love (VC) and Lily Found Her Love! (VC)
R.B. Dawg (VC)

We have no new pages planned, but we'll be busy working on the mystery e-prize. Of course, the muse may strike and a new page may creep in where least expected, as has happened before!

It's Free

Congratulations to the winners of the September-October contest who entered their contributions!! They are as follows:
Homemade Dog Clothes:Ms. sock lady from Texas
Homemade Dog Costume: Fauna and Flora by Catherine and Patricia Moore from Florida
Homemade Dog Toys: Vibrating tennis ball by Lisa of Alabama
Homemade Dog Treats: Caitlyn from Queensland, Australia
Special Contributor: A special appreciation to Viki Gentilman from Bryceville, Florida, who has entered a number of contributions in different categories and keeps us abreast of local dog events. Thank you, Viki, for all you do!

Contribute instructions or a recipe for making a homemade dog item that is not already on our site between November 1 and December 15, 2008, and you'll receive a FREE mystery e-prize by December 25! That's right, one FREE prize for every person who adds a valid new page to our site!

Note: If you're interested in the prize, we'll need a good email address to notify you. And you'll need to make sure your spam filter does not block our email to you - please set your filter to receive emails from * For further details, go to Share Your Dog Story

Kids Stuff: For Kids of All Ages

Hey kids! Since holiday time means presents, here are some suggestions for gifts you can make for people who have a dog, or for your own dog:

Dog Treat Jar
  • Find a good dog treat recipe or buy some treats
  • Follow the recipe and let the treats cool down (but make sure your dog can't reach them!)
  • Take an empty glass jar and scrub the label off it
  • Wash it in the dishwasher or very hot water and dry it. Also wash and dry the lid if you have one
  • Decorate the jar however you like:
  • You can add ribbons
  • make pictures or labels or cut out pictures to glue on the jar
  • make a stained glass mosaic out of colored tissue paper
  • add your dog's photo
  • drip different colors of candle wax over it (make sure an adult helps you)
  • glue on glitter or whatever you can think of!
  • Put the cooled down treats inside and close the lid tightly
  • If you don't have a lid, just cut a circle in a plastic bag and use a rubber band to fit it over the top
For other gift ideas, go to Dog Accessories or Dog Leashes and Leads or for more ambitious projects see Winter Craft Projects.

You can also look at past Kids Stuff projects in back issues of The Doggazine for ideas... Happy crafting!

Reader's Write

Do you have a question you want answered or some comments you want to pass along? Just Ask Us or Contact Us
We usually respond within two days so if you don't receive an answer, it may mean we either didn't get a valid e-mail address to respond to (this has happened several times), or your spam blocker blocked the email. Set your emails to receive from */

In case you missed it under "What's New," here's a wonderful link sent to us from Lisa in the U.S.: I have a link to a dog food analysis site that I have been using extensively in search of the better dog food. Please check it out and see if you want to add it to your site. I love this site and thought it would be nice to share it. Dog Food Analysis

Here's what we answered::
Hi Lisa, We appreciate it and will put it in the next Doggazine, on What's New and the dog food and nutrition pages.

Remember, we'd love to hear from the rest of you, anywhere in the wide world - if you have a question, we'll try to find the answer somehow...
Jo, Stan and Comet


Sunny in New Zealand sent us the following link: Your Purebred Puppy. Sunny said she just bought three of the e-books. We looked at the information and decided to highlight two for you. The author, Michele Welton, appears to have a thorough understanding from 35 years of working with and training dogs. (We're not affiliated with her in any way - her books just look like they would be helpful and make a good gift for a fellow dog lover).

Teach Your Dog 100 English Words ($14 ) is a combination of obedience and respect training (we like that term!). It comes with a freebie, "Test Your Dog's IQ."

11 Things You Must Do Right To Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy, also $14, is a prevention oriented e-book that covers vaccinations, diet, allergens, safety, exercise and more. It also comes with several free e-books.

Another web link, sent to us by Viki Gentilman, is a site that has lots dog photos and information, see For some amazing pumpkin carvings of dogs and a cat, see the photos at Pet Pumpkin Carvings. It's a little late for your pumpkins this year, we know, but you'll have a whole year to practice!

Tips & Tricks

Tip 1: When you're using tape for projects:
If you need to use a lot of strips of tape, prepare them before you start. Cut or tear a whole row of them in the lengths needed.

Tip 2:
Attach one end of the strips to the edge of a table, chair or counter, making sure they will not mar the surface when you pull them off.

Tip 3:
If tape tends to stick back to the roll in between cutting pieces, place a pencil across the roll underneath the loose end of the tape. Loop a rubber band over each end of the pencil to hold it against the roll. Move the pencil along as you cut pieces off so the tape sticks to the pencil rather than the roll.

Word Play

Humans like to organize enticing things for sale in a catalog and to navigate using GPS systems.

We swear Comet has a mental cat-a-log and a built-in CPS (Cat Positioning System) that help him remember the location of every cat he has ever seen!

So Long - Till The Next Issue January 1, 2009!

Since we won't be chatting with you till then, we trust y'all to have an enjoyable holiday season.

If not, remember the holidays will pass and that regardless of how the humans in your life behave, at least your dog will appreciate you, and that's what counts...


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