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The Doggazine, Issue No. 6 -- Nov 2007
November 01, 2007
CONGRATULATIONS to Laura of Illinois, the Winner of our September drawing who received a FREE Bandana Making Kit!

We'll be announcing the winner of our October drawing for the Dog Magnet Kit in December's issue.

Comet turned 9 today, but no one believes us when we tell them 'cause he's still in such great shape...

In The Works

We are:

  • Working on adding DoggeKits™ to The Dogge Shop
  • Making good progress on the folding dog ramp
  • Finalizing the instructions for that knitted dog sweater

It's Free


Become a subscriber to our FREE monthly e-zine, The Doggazine, by November 29, 2007, and you'll automatically be entered in a drawing for a FREE Holiday Dog Necklace Kit!

We'll send the winner an e-mail by December 1 with the subject line: "Winner-Doggazine-Free Dog Necklace Kit."

Not a subscriber yet? Click here to subscribe and get further details.

Want just one free web page through our website? Go to our new Dog Costumes page and fill out the simple form at the bottom. You'll get a link to family and friends showing off your page!

Want to add some free GRAPHICS to that page (or another web page)? Cybergifs has 22 dog graphics to choose from, some animated. Be sure to check their Home page for their terms of use and how to copy or download the images. If you want to see or copy the URL for each graphic, just right click and choose the "Send To" button and it will pop up ready to send in an email.

Kids Stuff: For Kids of All Ages

Since Thanksgiving is on its way (here in the U.S. anyway) make a card for your dog, listing all the things you appreciate about him or her:

  1. Find a sheet of white or colored paper
  2. Fold the longer side in half
  3. Now fold it along the shorter side (width)
  4. You should have a card with folds along the top and left
  5. Put a few layers of newspaper underneath to protect your surface
  6. Use a pencil to write your message but don’t press too hard in case you want to erase something
  7. When you're satisfied, go over the writing with a pen or marker
  8. Decorate the card with pictures that you cut out and paste or
  9. Add drawings with coloring pencils, markers, paint or food coloring (See Tips & Tricks below).

P.S. Make sure your dog doesn't EAT the card!!

Reader's Write

Corinne from the U.K. asks:
My dog is a collie of 16.5 years, weighing 16.5 kg. Unable to do steps - very reluctant to go down a step... One of my family made a ramp, basically a piece of wood with felting on it. Not your design and she will not go on it. Petrified is the word. I am stuck not sure how to proceed, I am not always there to lift her in and out which is what I have been doing for the past two weeks... the other member of the household is too old and totally unable to lift her in and out. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Our Response:
Corinne, thank you for writing. That is quite an age for a collie!

Some questions and observations: 1. How steep is the ramp? 2. Has your collie been on it and had a bad experience? 3. Not sure that felt offers a good gripping surface, especially if the angle is a bit steeper 4. Is the wood sturdy enough so the ramp doesn't feel flimsy to her? 5. Is the ramp anchored or heavy enough so it doesn't slide around?

Some things to try: 1. First put the ramp just on the first step so it is at a very shallow angle (or even flat on the ground) 2. Put her favorite treat or dog food part way up the ramp and don't let her eat it from the side, she must get on the ramp to eat the food. Praise her for success. 3. When she has done this first step successfully, put the ramp on the next step and do the treat / food thing again. Lots of praise if she stays on the ramp and walks up to her food 4. Repeat with the next highest step until you have her all the way there

IMPORTANT - watch to see if she is slipping at all because that will make her fearful of being on the ramp

If the surface is too slippery, try the following: 1. Add lathe cross pieces about every 9 inches (225mm) or 2. Try fake grass carpet or 3. Old rubber bath mats or car mats with the ribbing crosswise to the ramp

Please let us know if this helps.


Healthier is chock full of frequently updated articles on dog care, including food and nutrition, grooming, training and dog products geared toward the dog owner having a healthier pet. has comprehensive, up-to-date information on hundreds of dog breeds, with more being added. Each link includes a photo and physical description, temperament, exercise/space needs, life span, breed history, predisposition to certain health problems, and the year of AKC registration.

Tips & Tricks

Tip 1:
Food coloring can be used as a bright watercolor-type paint.

Tip 2:
Use an ice cube tray or egg carton to separate or mix the different colors.

Tip 3:
If you don’t have any paintbrushes, Q-tips can be used instead.

What's New at Make and Build Dog Stuff?

  • The Dog Party Hat Decorations page is finally up and ready for you!
  • Our new line of quality, inexpensive DoggeKits™ is almost ready to go! We hope to be live by November 10.
    The first kits will include Dog Necklaces, Dog Magnets and Dog Bandanas.
    Just keep checking the CRAFTS category in The Dogge Shop
    or check our What's New page for further news. P.S. The Dog Necklace Kits will be something younger kids can make with just a little assistance.
  • Some easy dog costume ideas. See Costumes For Your Dog
    Yes, I know we're a little late for Halloween - had to spend extra time away from the website to extricate ourselves from a negative workamping situation - just remember there are many other holidays and occasions where a dog costume can be worn!

Word Play

It's called a dialog when humans talk back and forth.
Are two dogs barking at each other having a dogalog?

Some people like to travel incognito.
So is a stray dog without a collar traveling indognito?

That's all till next month, folks. Happy Thanksgiving to all you norteamericanos, and safe travels!

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