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The Doggazine, Issue No. 5 -- Oct 2007
October 01, 2007
Welcome to our latest issue of The Doggazine!

We'll announce the winner of our September Special, the free Dog Bandana Making Kit in next month’s Doggazine.

In The Works

We are:

  • Continuing to streamline the NavBar
  • Setting up an e-store called The Dogge Shop
  • Still working on a folding dog ramp – it’s proving to be a grand challenge!
  • Getting ready to type instructions for Comet’s sweater

It's Free

Become a subscriber to The Doggazine by October 31, 2007, and win a FREE Dog Magnet Kit!

We'll send the winner an e-mail with the subject line: "Winner-Doggazine-Free Dog Magnet Kit"

Not a subscriber yet? Click here to subscribe and to get further details.

For a free sample of a wallet-sized pooper scooper that is 99% biodegradable, see

Kids Stuff: For Kids of All Ages

Gosh, Halloween is only a few weeks away. You've probably got a costume planned for yourself, but how about a costume for your dog?

Here are some things you could make to dress up your dog just a little bit:
  • Make a luau out of crepe paper to put around your dog's neck
  • Make a small cape that ties around your pet's neck
  • Make a top hat using the instructions on our Dog Party Hat page
  • Take an old sheet, paint or color black stripes on it, tie it on around your dog's neck and belly, and you've got a zebra!
  • Make up your own costume...
Some things to bear in mind:
  • Make sure your dog will not trip over parts of the costume when he or she walks or runs
  • Do not tie things too tightly around the neck or belly
  • To make ties, you can take cord or ribbon and tie it onto a corner of the fabric you are using. You can also sew them on
  • If your dog clearly hates wearing the costume, don't force it
(And be sure to keep your candy where your dog can't reach it!)

Reader's Write

Christine from Arizona asks:
I was wondering if you had plans to post any information on making a harness out of leather (it seems like it might be fairly easy, if you used rivets instead of sewing ... maybe, I don't know much about leather working). I was also wondering if it's possible to attach decorative conchos to nylon webbing? Thanks again, great site.

Our Response:
Thank you for your appreciation of our site!

We don't see why you couldn't make a harness out of leather using the pattern on the website. The leather may need to be oiled or have some other treatment applied to make it supple, but is often not that difficult to work with [if you use the right tools].

We have no experience with rivets, but if you want to sew leather, here are some ideas: make holes in it before you sew. Use an awl or just a thin, sharp nail, laying the leather on a block of wood. Mark the holes first so they come out evenly spaced, about 1/8 to 1/4 inch apart. Use the strongest thread you can find or else use a double strand of heavy duty thread. You may want to go over each stitch twice for extra strength.

After you fit the harness to your dog, check for any spots that may hurt him or her and pad them. (Modified women's shoulder pads can be glued on to the leather or you can create padding out of foam padding and cloth.)

Regarding attaching decorative conchos - we thought you were talking about shells but found out differently from Google! We think you could simply glue conchos onto nylon webbing. Experiment with a scrap piece. We like to use Household or Automotive Goop. It takes a while to dry but seems to hold really well. Best of luck!


All About Great Danes has beautiful pictures of Great Danes in action plus lots of fascinating information about these "gentle giants."

Keeping your dog exercised need never be boring. offers good ideas about all kinds of activities you can do with your dog(s).

Tips & Tricks

Tip 1:
For knitted projects: When casting on your stitches, pull the yarn quite a bit tighter than you do when you’re knitting your rows.

For any project involving yarn:
Tip 2:
If you buy more than one skein of a particular color yarn, check to make sure the dye lot numbers match. The lighting in the store may not show differences in shading.

Tip 3:
If there are no dye-lot numbers on the skeins, make sure you can return them if need be, then look at them in natural light when you get outside the store.

What's New at Make and Build Dog Stuff?

We've started to streamline the NavBar. To begin with, a number of pages are now under the “About” button, including:
* About Us
* About This Site
* General Guidelines
* Showtime
* Site Map
* Sponsors & Links

Note: We were unable to accomplish as much as we'd have liked in September due to packing up in the Mammoth Lakes area, visiting with our daughters in Sacramento, traveling to central Washington and back to help a relative with a death in the family, and moving the rig to our new location in Los Gatos, California. We plan to stay put for the next two months...

Word Play

If a human cave dweller is called a troglodyte, then his or her dog must be a doglodyte.

If a garage door opener is an automatic device, does that mean a pet door is dogmatic?

That's all till next month folks. See you then!

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