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The Doggazine, Issue No. 15, September 2008
September 01, 2008

September already - Wow, this year's going fast!

Thank you for all the great entries for the Monthly Dog Show! If you'd like your dog to be on our home page next month, see Share Your Dog Story

A big thank you to Martine from British Columbia in Canada! In response to our request, she found another link to a dog wheelchair page that had become inactive.

EXTRA! EXTRA! Due to increased commitments outside of the website, we plan to publish The Doggazine every other month instead of monthly. Our next issue will be in November.

What's New and In The Works?

We didn't add any new pages in August, other than those contributed by visitors. However, there are several pages close to completion. Just check the "What's New" button periodically or sign up for the RSS Feed button at the bottom of the NavBar for the links.

* Dog Bed Patterns - Round, Oval, Rectangular, Hexagonal, Octagonal * Hawaiian Dog Shirt * Hot Dog Costume

It's Free

Win a FREE set of our braided-dog-leash instructions or a FREE set of plans for either of our folding dog ramps (the Dogge Bridge™ and Dogge Ramp™!

Simply go to any one of the following pages and add your ideas or designs for homemade dog stuff in the form provided on the page. Note: Photos a plus but not required:
Homemade Dog Clothes (look at the blue box for instructions)
Homemade Dog Toys(follow directions on the green box)
Costumes For Your Dog(the orange box is your ticket)

If your idea doesn't fit with any of the above, enter it at Share Your Dog Story

Kids Stuff: For Kids of All Ages

Hey kids! We don't have anything for you to make, this time around. But here are some links to some fun dog games:
Barking Buddies Memory Game
AKC's Find The Hidden Pictures
AKC's Canine Crossword

Reader's Write

Do you have a question you want answered or some comments you want to pass along? Just Ask Us or Contact Us
We usually respond within two days so if you don't receive an answer, it may mean we either didn't get a valid e-mail address to respond to (this has happened several times), or your spam blocker blocked the email. Set your emails to receive from */

Here's a request from Linda in the U.S.: Do you have a plan for something you could pull behind a bicycle with a 25 lb dog in it? Thanks!

Here's what we answered::
Hi Linda, Funny you should ask! We were just in the process of investigating a bike trailer for Comet and have concluded we do not have the time to build one ourselves right now... One great place to look for low-cost designs is the following website: Instructables
In the slot that says "Search" at upper right, type in "bicycle trailer" or "bike trailer."
Good luck with your project!

Remember, we'd love to hear from the rest of you, anywhere in the wide world - if you have a question, we'll try to find the answer somehow...
Jo, Stan and Comet


The Naturally Healthy Dog on Organic Food:
Information on organic food in the U.S. vs. food grown locally and which is best for your dog. The answer may surprise you.

Here are some dogs having a blast with things they've been trained to do:
Skateboarding Doggie and Dancing With The Dog

Tips & Tricks

Tip 1:
If you're buying a piece of foam for a dog bed, check to see how much it compresses by squeezing the foam from both sides in the middle of the piece, not at the corners.

Tip 2:
To make sure adhesive (no-sew) Velcro does not detach from fabric, staple the edges with a regular paper stapler.

Tip 3:
Before you cut fabric or pin on a pattern, make sure that the grain lines are squarely at right angles to each other. Pull on the fabric till they are in place. (This is called blocking the fabric).

Word Play

For humans, a gossip column is a piece of writing in a newspaper or magazine where they read about what other people have been doing.
For dogs, a gossip column is any tree they smell that has been marked by a number of other dogs.

When we're very hungry, we like all you can eat buffets.
While Comet likes food, what seems to make his day are the all you can sniff buffets as we walk around the neighborhood.

So Long - Till The Next Issue!

Since we won't be putting out an October issue, we wish you and your dogs a Happy Halloween!


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