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The Doggazine, Issue No. 4 -- Sept 2007
September 01, 2007
Welcome to our next issue of The Doggazine!

We hope you've all had some kind of a break during the summer and are ready to tackle a project or two this fall...

In The Works

We are:

  • Almost finished with that knitted dog sweater
  • Continuing to work on a folding ramp design
  • Completing a page on dog party hat decorations
  • Learning how to streamline the site so it will load faster (a mega project right now)

It's Free

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We'll send the winner an e-mail with the subject line: "Winner, Sept 2007 Doggazine drawing," requesting a ship-to address. Note: Your privacy is assured. The only use for the address will be to send the free kit.

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Here's another freebie:
Would you like to e-mail someone a dog card? Just click on the link to select one (or more) of House Pet Magazine's Dog E-Postcards

Kids Stuff: For Kids of All Ages

Hey Kids! Do you like to party? Why not give a dog party?

Things to consider:

  1. Before you start, get permission from a grownup! You'll want at least one or two adults to help you before and during the party
  2. Keep the number of dogs small (6 or less)
  3. Hold the party in a fenced area so dogs can't run away
  4. Decide whether you will make stuff yourself or buy it. (We think making things is more fun!)
  5. Ask owners if their dogs have any food allergies so you can avoid using those ingredients
  6. Serve healthy, non-sugary foods (in goody bags too)
  7. The party can have a theme or just be a get together. Themes can include a costume party, a holiday-related party etc.
  8. To make your own party hats, see our page on Dog Party Hats: Basics Designs
  9. Add decorations such as drawings, writing, things that you stick on (paper shapes, fuzzy or furry things, stickers, magazine pictures or photos and more)
  10. Decide if you are going to have organized activities for the dogs or just let them play around with each other
  11. Make a list of possible activities, but realize that you may not get to do all (or any) of them
  12. Get as much as you can ready by the day before the party
  13. On party day, make sure your camera has good batteries and that there is plenty of water set out for dogs to drink
  14. Enjoy your hard work!
For more Kids Stuff this month, look at the "Reviews" section (after "Reader's Write").

Reader's Write

Bev from Texas asked:
Would you happen to have a well-designed doggie backpack pattern?

Our Response:
We don't have a pattern as yet. We suggest you look at an existing doggie backpack and create your own from that.

Or else experiment with an old sheet and safety pins and use information on straps from our custom harness page or the nylon collar page.

Best of luck! If you do end up making one before we get to it, we'd love to feature your dog and what you've created on our site.

[Readers, how about it - do any of you have a backpack pattern we could pass on to Bev or turn into a page on the site?]


Are you looking for a dog but not sure what breed/type would be best for your situation? is an excellent site that outlines, in multiple choice format, a list of things to consider. Since there are so many items involved, we suggest you first print out the list, then go to their answers page.

This website also has some great pages and links for kids, including games, coloring pages, silly poems and cute puppy pictures.

Want to pamper your pooch? Dog-Spoiling-Made-Easy is a website that encourages you to spoil your dog in the most loving and caring way, but without ruining your dog. Great fun, lots of common sense.

Tips & Tricks

Tip 1:
Before you start working on a project, read through all the steps required to complete it.

Tip 2:
On days that you are working on that project, stop and think about the steps that are to follow. Make a plan to stop and take a break between mini steps.

Tip 3:
If you notice yourself becoming impatient or irritable with the work you are doing, stop immediately. Most errors will occur when you are tired or frustrated and they can be time consuming and/or very difficult to correct.

What's New at Make and Build Dog Stuff?

Sorry, we have no new pages this month. Check our What's New button for ongoing updates or sign up for our RSS feed (the orange button below the navbar).

Word Play

Dog after chasing a cat: "That was doggone good fun!"
Cat, after dog gets taken away by the dog catcher: "Hooray! Dog gone!"

When people jog in a pack, it's called a Jogathon.
When hounds trot back in a pack after a chase, it's a Dogathon.

That's all till next month folks. See you then!

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