Annie The Wonder Dog

by Pam McClellan

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Hi my name is Pam and I have had my service dog Annie for several years. She is very shy about her age so we don't mention it. LOL!
Annie is a 115 pound golden retriever that found her way into my life at 7 weeks of age. We had a few bumps in the road that first year but as we trained with Florida Service Dogs we made our way to be a certified team. I have seizures and have chronic back pain which causes my legs to go numb so I hit the floor. We started training Annie as a balance and brace dog, but she had other ideas. At the ripe age of seven months she alerted me for the first time I was about to have a seizure. The first time I was not sure what was going on but Annie decided she was in charge and would do nothing I asked of her. She stood in front of me and would not let me move. As I write this I think of the many times my sweet Annie has saved my life, it brings tears to my eyes.

One such time was when we were walking in my yard. We live out in the country so no one lives nearby. I had a seizure about three hundred feet from my house and at the same time my legs went numb. By the time I came out of the seizure Annie had dragged me about half way home. I managed to get to my cell phone to call my husband and he came straight to me. In my foggy head I did not see that in the process of getting me as far as she had Annie had torn off my shirt and almost pulled my slacks off. So when my husband arrived with his co workers there I was in all my glory. LOL But, thanks to Annie, in the shade and alive. Over the years we have fine tuned our signals and she is very proud any time she helps me. She is dually trained and helps me in so many ways. Now that she is getting a little older I try to make life for her as good as she has made it for me.

I want to say one more thing and then I will hush. Annie was very close to my youngest daughter because we saw each other everyday. Well last year Annie started acting very strange around Niki my daughter. Annie would nudge her in the stomach and kept smelling her lower area. I scolded Annie because I thought she was being fresh, but no amount of talking to Annie would make her stop. So we decided to play it safe and my daughter went to have a check up. One thing led to anouther but they found stage four cervical cancer. There was not much they could do for her and we lost her to the cancer in Sept. 2010. I often think if we had not wasted months not paying attention to Annie trying to tell us something was wrong we might have had more time with my daughter. The reason I tell this is because I want people to pay attention to your dogs. They could be trying to tell you something very important. As you can tell Annie is very important to me and my family. She is truly a Wonder Dog.
Pam & Annie

Pam, what an incredible dog! Thank you for sharing her story and the photos. We are so very sorry about you losing your daughter - thank you for advising our visitors that their dogs may know more about them than they realize... Jo

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I love Annie too
by: Heidi

I know Pam & Annie through Viki.
Pam is giving Annie very kind words we both have seen work wonders in pam too. Annie is such a sweet, kind caring dog.

Pam gave my hubby a red nosed Basset named Ezebella Elisabeth 5 years ago. That dog loves my husband too. Annie gave Bella a lick good bye so many years ago and licked my hand too so those who are aruond Pam and Annie know they make a good team and both love each other with their whole hearts. Pam would do anything for Annie - I mean anything. Love you Pam - give Annie a hug and kiss on the nose from her Auntie Heidi and off course a snuggle from Bella!

Annie IS a wonder dog!!
by: Viki

Patches and Annie were close friends...and had lots of adventures together. I remember snigging Annie's puppy breath! She is the sweetest dog I have ever met(Okay, she is as sweet as Patches was)...and loves Pam more than anything in the world. She has given Pam back confidence to go out and see the world.

That is the wonderful thing about service dogs -- they give the differently abled a chance to live a life away from home.

Thank you, Annie for all you have done for Pam -- and for introducing Billy, Patches and I to her. You are more than a blessing.

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