Bailey the Westie cross

by Emma

Bailey is my 6 month old Westie cross. I got him aged nine weeks old. I wanted a dog for seven years prior but it was never the right time for one.

He is a difficult dog to live with but is my best friend. He is very active and never ever stops. At the moment he gets one hour of exercise on lead, 30 minutes off lead exercise, 3 play sessions throughout the day, 45 minutes of training and it doesn`t seem to tire him out one bit! When he is older we are doing agility.

Here are a few problems we have had:
1) House training- Lots of consistency and praise when going in the right place. Taking out after every meal, exercise, sleep, play session etc and first thing every morning and last thing at night. And every hour. Now he cries to go outside when he needs to go. He still isn`t clean during the night but I don`t expect him to be.
2) Puppy Biting- He still mouths so it hasn`t stopped 100% yet. But I started saying "NO!" when he bit and if he didn`t or ignored me I would either remove him or myself from the room. Now he stops when I shout "NO!" It takes a lot of patience though.
3) Dog reactivity- Gradually introducing dogs at a distance and praising for non reaction and ignoring. Now he is fine but slightly nervous.
4) Scavenging on walks- Muzzle at the moment until a firm "Drop it!" is installed.

Bailey makes me laugh and smile every day. He loves to have fun and just live life! He eats the best diet I can afford, which are high quality dry and wet foods.

He has been hard work but worth every minute of it. Although he is trained pretty well, he can be stubborn and cheeky. When trying to stop a behaviour we work together as a team and that tends to work best.

I love my dog Bailey very much indeed and he adores me - I hope to have many more happy years with him.

Emma, thank you so much for sharing information about your Westie cross, Bailey, and how you are training him. We're so glad you finally have a dog after waiting so long.

It sounds like you are giving him excellent care and understand that consistency and patience are key when it comes to training a dog.

By the way, you may want to look into clicker training as well - from my understanding it works quite quickly to shape the behaviors you want, without having to raise your voice or even touch your dog...

Loved your photos too - look for a couple on our home page for April. Feel free to write updates and send in more photos at any time!

All the best,

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