Best Dog Chew Toy Ideas

Of course you want the best dog chew toy ideas!

Not only are many of these strong dog chew toys ones that dogs love, but you can make them yourself in a jiffy from simple materials!

Most of the ideas below were sent in by visitors to this website. That means they're tried and true!

Note that we've organized them to make the instructions for each kind of toy easy to find. Read on below and follow the links!

Our Current Favorite

Our best dog chew toy idea, the fabric scraps boneA bone chew toy made from fabric scraps

The Fabric Scraps Bone, was one we made from instructions sent by an anonymous contributor. It is very quick to make and turns into a solid chew toy. It's also good for tug-of-war between two dogs.

Our daughter made one for her cattle dog, who tends to shred things like tennis balls with surgical precision, and it has lasted well.

Materials for Best Dog Chew Toy

Use recycled fabrics, rope, old plastic bottles, cardboard, broomsticks or rubberized materials such as old sandals, flip flops, rubber hoses or rubber tubing. You can also wrap items in multiple layers of duct tape.

It's simple to combine materials as well, such as taking sticks and wrapping them in cloth, per our Paddio Sticks, or adding materials to plastic bottles and ropes.

As with any toy you make, watch carefully to make sure your dogs do not swallow and choke on pieces that are chewed off and will not cut themselves on sharp edges.

Chew Toys Containing Treats - This page includes the following submissions and more:

  • Our Famous Dog Toy
  • Cardboard Pressies
  • Socks and More
  • Fun Roly Poly
  • PB Sock
  • Goodie Bottle

Dog Teething Toys - Amongst these you'll find the:

  • Water Bottle Sock
  • Cube
  • Puppy Teething Toy
  • Beth's Felt Chew Toy
  • Biscuit Crunch Chew Toy
  • Stuffed Glove

Tough Dog Chew Toys - Below are some of these strong dog chew toys you can make:

  • Bubble Chewer
  • Stick Attack
  • Steph's Best Ever Big Dog Chew Toy
  • Rubber Fluffy Pole
  • Giant Knot Dog Chew Toy
  • Hard Sock Dog Toy
  • Toy Breed Bones out of Twine
  • Munch and Crunch (see photo below)

A duct tape covered dog chew toyThe Munch and Crunch

We followed the instructions given by Sam of Brisbane, Australia, to make the Munch and Crunch. Thanks, Sam!

Other Options to Consider

Some toys can be used for both chewing and playing fetch or using with our Whipwhir.

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