Best Dog Costume Designs:
Medusa & the Soldier Turned to Stone

The best dog costume designs on our website, I must admit, come from people with skills considerably better than ours!

Gryphon and Phoenix are two Golden Retrievers dressed up as Medusa and the soldier turned to stone. The Medusa outfit is green, russet and gold; the soldier's tunic, helmet and sword are silvery gray.Gryphon as the Soldier and Phoenix as Medusa

Above we see the lovely set of dog costumes created by Bonnie and Beth Abelew of Plainview, New York, that speaks to a famous Greek legend.

About the Dogs and Their Costumes as Told by Beth and Bonnie

Our golden retrievers Phoenix and Gryphon love wearing costumes and getting dressed up. They always get lots of treats and attention, so they love going out and showing everyone their outfits. They wear a little something for almost every holiday, but at Halloween-time they really go all out. We decided to dress Phoenix as Medusa, the evil Greek legend, and Gryphon became the soldier who turned to stone after gazing at Medusa with her head of snakes.

We worked very hard on these costumes, making them with a combination of home-made pieces, repurposed store-bought items, and a lot of sewing, gluing, and painting. These outfits took a while to make and were a lot of work, but were also a lot of fun. We tried to capture the myth, and we thought they came out well.

We agree with you ladies - these are some of the best dog costume designs we've seen - very nicely done indeed!!!

Best Dog Costume Designs: Medusa

To start with, we worked on making Medusa’s tail. Medusa has a long serpentine tail instead of legs. We made this tail by sewing black felt into a wavy tail shape for the base. We used lots of stuffing to make the tail nice and thick. We made scales to make the tail look snake-like. The scales were made by cutting diamond shapes out of greenish brown iridescent fabric. The scales were then glued onto the tail base in layers that overlapped.

We used green scaly fabric to make green fin shapes which were lightly stuffed and sewed along the edge of the tail.

We also made a snake belly using gold fabric, which we cut into half circle shapes and glued along the top edge of the tail.

To differentiate the gold shapes and make them stand out, we outlined them in white puffy paint.

(If you'd like to see more detailed photos and step-by-step instructions, go to their description on Instructables.)

Phoenix in the Medusa costume

Next we worked on Medusa’s outfit. We wanted her to look majestic and slightly spooky. We needed Phoenix to look like he had shoulders and arms, so we used a cream colored shirt, stuffing it to look more realistic. We topped this with a glittery green top, and a skirt made out of the same material as the tail. We added gold half circles, the same as those on the tail. This way the dress and tail worked seamlessly together to look like one long piece.

It was important that Medusa’s headpiece look like a mass of writhing snakes, since this is what she is most known for. The snakes were made by gluing plastic snake heads to the ends of wire tubes, with small red jewels for the snakes’ eyes. Layers of these snakes were added to a foam coated wire frame base. Green springy pieces and strips of wired sequins were also added.

To make Medusa’s hands, we stuffed cream colored gloves to attach to the ends of the shirt sleeves. We cut long acrylic nails into sharp points and painted them green, then added snake skin duct tape tips, like a spooky french manicure. We glued each nail onto the gloves’ fingertips.

We added a gold shawl, a gold snake headband necklace, and gold bracelets with snakes glued onto them. We found a snake staff that fit perfectly with the outfit. We also made a forked tongue out of red stiff felt, to complete the snakelike effect.

Best Dog Costume Designs: Soldier

Gryphon the Golden Retriever looking like a statue of a soldier standing up with sword at the ready. This costume could be used for other soldier or knight related themes.Gryphon as the Stone Soldier
The tunic for the Soldier's outfit being spray painted grey.Spraying the tunic with stone paint

Making the soldier look like he turned to stone was a bit complicated. We got a human’s soldier costume and fixed it up to work for a dog. We got a helmet, as well as gloves and boots.

To make all these pieces look like stone, we had to spray every piece with stone texture spray paint. This took a while, as all the pieces had to be sprayed, left to dry, and then sprayed on the other side.

We again used an undershirt, stuffing the arms and attaching stuffed gloves to the ends of the sleeves. We attached the pants to the front of the shirt, so they would hang down in front of Gryphon’s real legs.

We got a sword, shield and cape for the soldier, which we sprayed with the stone paint as well. We tied these to the gloves, so it looked like Gryphon was holding them. Finally, we used dog-safe gray chalk on his face, to give him a gray appearance like he had turned to stone.

What a wonderful description and superb photos! Although this was not counted as a valid entry for the 2016 Dogge Costume Contest since the photos were published elsewhere online, we appreciate your submission and hope you will continue with your creativity!