The Best Dog Ramps

We believe the best dog ramps are the ones you build yourself!

Keep Your Dog Mobile

It boils down to quality of life.

A dog that remains active stays healthier and more engaged. This generally lowers everyone's stress level.

Dignity and independence are other reasons. A dog that can keep getting into the car, or up and down stairs with minimal assistance, retains these qualities. 

Great Pyrennees descending homemade folding dog ramp

You remain healthier - no need to compromise your back or other areas of your body by repeatedly having to lift your dog.

Why Build Your Own?

Why do we think the best dog ramps are homemade? After all, aren't there plenty of pre-built, commercial ramps out there?

  • Once your dog requires the use of a ramp to stay mobile, you likely will need several ramps. For example, your dog may need a ramp for your: car or boat, living room couch, someone's bed, the backyard pool, or for stairs and steps.
  • A commercial portable ramp may work conveniently for a vehicle, but you'd have to keep moving it - and it may be too short or too long for certain applications
  • Building your own can be much less expensive than buying a bunch of different manufactured ramps, especially if you search around for free lumber or repurpose things like plywood, nails, screws and carpet as we did with some of our ramps.

Instructions for the Best Dog Ramps

Simple plywood dog ramp to cover stairs

We have FREE step-by-step instructions for several types of designs, including the fixed plywood ramp at left.

Portable, Folding Ramps for Cars or Boats

  • We also have relatively low cost plans that include engineering drawings for the portable, folding ramps. These include two sizes of wooden portable ramps. Please see Dog Ramp Plans for specifications and other details.

Fixed Ramp for Stairs

  • This Simple Plywood Dog Ramp is a good beginner project and is featured in the above photo sent us by Ruth. It was used by her large Yellow Lab named Duke for several years - he lived until the ripe old age of 17!

Fixed Ramp for Vehicle

  • A gentleman we met named John kindly gave us instructions for the fixed ramp he had built so that his Australian Shepherd mix could get in and out of his extended cab pickup.

Fixed Indoor Ramp for a Bed or Couch

Fixed Pool Ramp

  • Fixed dog pool ramps to help dogs get out of swimming pools. (Fixed ramps help prevent accidental drownings.)

Other Ways to Help Your Dog

Besides the various ramps, we have dog wheelchair designs and a set of indoor mini stairs for tight places. In addition, you may wish to check out our section on dog remedies for preventing illness or disease. 

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