Rescuing Sparky

Caught this picture just in time

Caught this picture just in time

We got Sparky around 2008 when he was eight weeks old. We rescued him from the Lincoln County Animal Shelter. He had two sisters, according to the shelter, but they had already been adopted. He has been with us since that day.

He is now five. We believe he is a Border Collie-Corgi mix, a.k.a. a Borgi. He is very smart and knows many commands - I can tell him to "find daddy" and he will go to the right person and come back. He enjoys playing with our cats, Cally and Samantha. Sparky will chase Cally up and down our halls. He is a wonderful dog, I am truly grateful.

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Sparky is TOO cute!
by: Vicki Gentilman

Love the story and the picture looks like he is sending a long distance lick.

Thank you for rescuing him AND for sharing your story!

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I rescued my champion
Border Collie!!!

by Kamryn

At her 3rd competition!!!

At her 3rd competition!!!

I met my new Border Collie about a year ago, when she was 5 weeks old. I know that is super young, but she was the runt, they abused her, and she was really skinny. Abuse? Yeah, they dropped a CINDER BLOCK on my precious puppy's head!! Tiller is the toughest dog I will ever meet! When we first got her, the breeder's daughter let her out of the car, and my pup (Tiller) got hit by a car.

Now Tiller is a champion agility dog. I am only 12 and we are the perfect pair. We compete in agility, dock dogs, showmanship, and obedience. We have gone a long way, and have a competition on April 30th!!! Wow, we are so excited....

Don't give up hope! Your rescue dog has a chance!

Editor's note: That's an amazing story, Kamryn! - Thank you for sharing it with us. Best of luck with your April 30th competition (and look for Tiller's photo to be in our Monthly Dog Show on the home page in April).

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Border Collie!!!

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by: Anonymous

What a great story -- Tiller has a true champion in YOU! Thank you for rescuing this beautiful dog, and for enjoying your time together. There is NOTHING like a person/dog team, working together...I should know as I have had three service dogs (you can read their stories on this site...Patches, Hannah and now, Mildred Isabella) Enjoy every moment with time will go by so quickly! And don't forget to tell this story to all you meet -- that rescues can be the very dog that will take your heart and hug it!
Viki and Mildred Isabella

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Scylla - This one is trouble!

by Lisa Gehrig
(Rigby, Idaho)



I had been looking for a companion dog for almost 2 years and decided that one way to find a dog and try one out would be to foster dogs for the Humane Society. I was looking for an adult, female Australian Shepard mix all fluffy and pretty. I had an Aussie mix years ago and she had been my favorite dog. One day my friend at the Humane Society asked me to come look at a dog a friend of hers had turned over.

When I went to the local pet adoption center on a Saturday I was shown a dusty colored short haired female dog. She wasn't the kind of dog I was looking for so I wasn't too excited about her. As a small black dog passed by her cage she snarled and I thought to myself, "This one is trouble!". I told my friend that I would think about it and had no intention of choosing her.

The following Monday I was called and asked to foster her as I had no other dog and she didn't get along with the dog of the lady who adopted her on Saturday. What a surprise. hahahah

I was to keep her till the following Saturday for the next adoption show. My husband mentioned what a well mannered dog she was for being a pup of approximately nine months. I started to watch her and found that not only was she well mannered but strangely intuitive to our expectations of her. By Wednesday we decided that this dog was ours.

Its been 2 years now and this dog just gets better everyday and we cannot even bear to think about what it would be like without her. I love Scylla (silla) so much and can easily say this is the best dog I have ever had.

Because of the situation involved with getting my companion I honestly believe this was divinely, meant to be. We love her so much.

P.S. So many people have asked us what kind of dog she is and we have no idea. I ordered one of those DNA tests to determine her breeds. We cant wait to find out. What do you think she is?

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Scylla's DNA test is in
by: Lisa

She is,mostly, Border Collie and also to a lesser degree Staffordshire Terrier, Siberian Husky and some other unidentified Terrier.

by: Emma

Nice story!

OK Diana and Lisa
by: Anonymous

My dogs better than either of yours.
He no longer has stripes but a
lovly golden coat.
We call him Fred the wonder dog.
He IS the wonder dog!
Love gramma

Ugly dog
by: Diana

I really can't say this is the greatest looking dog, but the story has helped me in realizing one cannot judge a canine-book by its dirty brown color. Hahaha. Hey mom! Cute story, but my dog is still cuter than your dog. Love from your human daughter.

true love
by: Auntie

I know exactly how you feel, I love all 12 of my cats the same way. Good luck to you my dear.

by: Anonymous

I love this story. It's not every day that you find a perfect companion, in fact Lisa your very lucky.

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