Bouncy scented string looper

by Laura

My dog LOVES this; it is her favorite toy.

Take a sock, fill it with tissues and 2 tennis balls, and attach a shirt so it has your scent and you can keep the balls inside the sock.

It seems hard, but it is fun and quick to make. You can even put your dog's name on it and decorate it with markers. Trust me, your dog will love this toy too because you can swing it a long way and play tug o' war with it as well!

Editor's note: Sounds like an action packed dog toy! Just remember to always supervise your dog when there is a chance that he or she will shred a toy and swallow any of the pieces.

Comments for Bouncy scented string looper

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by: jake

my dog loves this toy! favorite of them all! definitely use this!

bundle of fun!
by: sarah

my dog hardly likes any toys, just finds things around the house to chew on and messes things up. but he loves this one! he will not let go! i feel like he likes me even more now that he has my scent! thanks!

by: sophie

this toy is amazing! my dog knows my scent from a shirt! it is his favorite toy. i put my dogs name on it and decorated it with markers, felt,and string, i put a tennis ball in it to make it bouncy.
thank you for this wonderful idea!

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