Breed of puppy next to Buster?


On the right side of this page on your site there is a photo of two puppies, one named Buster. The other puppy looks like my Aussie mix that recently died but I never knew for sure what she was. She was my once-in-a-lifetime dog, and I have wondered if her behaviors were unique to her or if her breed has some common traits. I don't even know if she was a purebred or a mix, because I have seen a couple of dogs that look just like her.
Can you tell me anything about the breeding of the other puppy in the photo?

Thanks so much,
Lyn in Reno


Lyn, so sorry to hear about the loss of your once-in-a-lifetime dog. I asked Buster's owner and she said that Buster was a purebred Rottie and the other puppy in the photo is the same breed.

Are there any particular traits that your dog had that you're curious about?

I know that we always wondered about Comet because he was such an unusual dog and also looked different than most mixes. We suspected German Shepherd because of his looks and some other Shepherds we have seen appear to share herding traits and loyalty to family/distrust of outsiders. However, he absolutely loved swimming, which surprised us...

A few years ago, someone ran after us thinking that we had stolen his dog out of his back yard because Comet looked so similar. It's possible that they were related - his dog, a wolf and GSD mix, was acquired in the same area where we got Comet from a shelter, and they could have been born from the same mother but at different times. Comet was certainly wild and scary enough at times to have wolf in him - and he did do a wolf-like howl occasionally after hearing a siren... (Based on his looks, I would have said red fox, because he had a red head and reddish fur. Also, the average male GSD or wolf are taller than he was.)


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