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This is Mister

by Stephanie Ziems
(Naples, FL)

Birdbath perch

This is Mister, I adopted him from the Humane society 3 yrs ago October. He had been found moseying around the Naples Beach Club, no collar, no chip, nothing to help trace where he had wandered away from.

Unfortunately, what he did have was heart worms, and thanks to the Humane Society and over 3 months of painful treatment, he is heart worm free today. The first couple of months I had Mister (thought the name was perfect, being that his past was a mystery), he was very lethargic, he seemed depressed, and also the heart worm treatment made him not feel so good. I just remember staying up all night with him; I would massage all along his back, it seemed to be the only way to get him to fall asleep. He would just gaze at me with his big loving brown eyes, soo sweet.

By the 3rd month he not only started to regain his energy, he also had gained nearly 15 lbs. And then he started to demonstrate some rather silly behaviors. He began to somehow manage to jump up and sit on every chair, bar stool, ottoman, desk, table, even the bird bath in my front yard. He does this all on his own, without any commands. At the Vet he hops up in the nearest chair and waits patiently. If there is a car seat vacant, he assumes it is put there for him and somehow fits his rather large rump in the seat. It's the funniest thing to see this. This is not normal for a dog to do this.

The loving to dress up was another behavior that I discovered only by accident, and one that is completely normal as far as I'm concerned, lol.

My reason for posting this story is because, I wish i knew his past. Where did he come from? He does not just wander off (not for long, anyway). He obviously was trained, he walks like a show dog when on a leash, he is extremely obedient, at the DOG Beach he has been referred to as "The Peace Maker" - I just find it amazing. He had to have been loved by someone before me, right? I've thought of every possible scenario that could have landed him into the arms of Animal Control, and then The Humane Society. Who could just leave this dog to wander, and not try to find him, or even if the owner did abandon him, there had to have been other people in his life that would surely miss him. I have considered that maybe he was sent to me by an angel, I just wish I knew.

If you have taken the time to read this Looonnnggg post, Thank you, and if you have any suggestions on how I might be able to find out about his past I'd love to hear any ideas. I just know he had to have been loved by someone before me, He is truly amazing. He makes a statement of Pure Unconditional Love wherever he happens to sit.

Stephanie, we loved reading about Mister and his unusual behaviors. Thanks also for the photo - he'll be featured on our home page in December!

Visitors - any ideas as to how Stephanie can get more information about Mister's past? Just write them in the Comments section below - thanks! Jo

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My Beautiful Dog Mabel

by Lara Carter

my amazing dog

my amazing dog

My Beautiful Dog, Mabel

Mabel is a rescue dog who came from an unfortunate background. She was rescued from Ireland and taken to Dogs Trust in Kennelworth. Me and my mom really wanted a new dog so we had a look round all the cubicles at Dogs Trust and there was Mabel in the very last one. We walked her around and fell in love with her. You would never have thought that anyone would ever abandon her, but that's not all - they did and they used to hurt her and hit her. That's when I knew she would be coming home with us and that we will take good care of her!

We have now had her for 4 months she is a lovely, amazing young dog. We all love her to bits and would never change her for the world! xx luv-you-Mabel xx

Hello, Lara -
Thanks so much for writing in and submitting that gorgeous photo of Mabel. She not only is a fine looking dog but looks quite intelligent as well. Bless you and your mom for adopting her and giving her a chance to see what a loving home is like!

We are saddened that she was abused and not appreciated. It is a good thing that you have taken her in while she is still young, in our opinion.

Note that since we did not see this entry until after the end of September, the photo of Mabel with a link to this story will show up on our home page for November 2012.

All the best,

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I got my dog Nikki from an animal shelter. When we went in to meet her, she peed all over from nervousness. She hid behind me and was very sweet. People have told us, don't adopt the scared dog. But we did, and it turned out to be great. She is a wonderful dog, but is still skittish of noises. We are working on that though.

We are also learning agility, which she loves. She loves the tunnel the best though, the teacher says she will be wonderful at it since she is a border collie mix. She would do better, but she is scared of someone else's huge dog. It's a Newfoundland/husky mix that hates Nikki.

Nikki is still trying to be friends with the cats. One of them is okey with her, but one isn't. But that cat is so anti social, nobody but my sister likes her. I want to get her in herding, but she tried to herd chickens one time, and got one of the chickens in her mouth. She ripped out a butt full of feathers.

Nikki is obedient for being her, she knows sit, stay, shake, down, wait, no, jump, though the tunnel, and some others.

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My Ollie Man

by Hana Molnar
(Toledo, OH)



My dog is the sweetest and friendliest dog I have ever seen. It is very surprising the way he acts since the way he was found wasn't the best.

My sister lived in Louisville, Kentucky, and she was on her way home to Ohio when she stopped at a park to let her dog out to run and play for a little. She was sitting on the grass and noticed her dog digging in the bushes. She walked over there to see what was going on, looked in the bush, and saw a little tiny puppy. She picked the puppy up - he had to be about 1 month old or less - he was skin and bones and very dirty. So my sister, being the person she is, puts him in her car, gives him food and brings him home to Ohio.

As soon as I saw him I fell in love with him. He was the cutest thing ever. I decided to keep him since my sister didn't want him because she already had a dog and a baby on the way. He is now a little more then a year old from what we could tell and he is the best dog I have ever met! I love my Ollie Man!

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Better to Beg Permission...

by Patti F
(Nampa Idaho)

than ask forgiveness, sometimes. Unbeknownst to my husband, who was working out of town, I brought home another shelter dog to make number 4 in the pack. Our youngest needed a playmate and despite hubby's opposition, I just... you know. Just happened to be near the municipal shelter... just happened to stop in... just happened to have my checkbook...I was captivated by a gorgeous set of blue eyes on the weirdest looking dog in the shelter. Forty dollars and she was mine. Two days later, hubby was due home, and between the first vet visit and... um, some damage at home, I was in major trouble. $1500+ dollars worth of trouble! The lovely Sula came in like a lion! I was eventually forgiven, and Sula is a cherished member of the pack and the goofiest, funniest dog we've ever known! Her pictures speak for themselves...

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Jackson, a rescue dog Christmas Story

by Jackson
(Dallas, TX, U.S.A)

It was Christmas time and a "BOY" wanted a puppy. He asked Santa if he could bring him one; Santa said yes. Later on that month ( a couple days before Christmas ), Santa went to the shelter and got me. I was so happy I was getting a home. On Christmas Eve I was flying all around the world. I was sticking my head out of the sled and letting my tongue fly free. Then we stopped at a house and Santa went in the chimney. Then he got me and put me in the backyard. And he flew away I was jumping up and down to say goodbye. And I fell asleep. Yay! Yay! I heard, and I woke up it was morning. And I saw a door open and there was a "BOY". He looked so happy and so did I.

He named me Jackson

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