Bumble Bee Halloween Costume

by Linda-sayne

Last Halloween, my children and I wanted to put Bowzer, our 6 month old German Shepard in a costume. It was just moments before leaving the door to go trick-or-treating and Bowzer was lying on his bed.

Malane, my youngest, asked if we could bring Bowzer and then the other 3 joined in.( I know I'm crazy having four children).

As you could see it was too late to go to PetValu or PetCetra, and we had to think about something fast, so my oldest, Alex, thought it would be a good idea to make his a bumble bee. My second child, Micky, had an old black and white shirt she said that we could use, and I had a silly headband that looked sooo cute on Bowzer. Finally we were ready.

It was almost time to go when Malane shouted "I FOUND IT!!" She came running out with some old black pantyhose now way too small for her. I looked around like, "We are so crazy" and put it on our poor dog. He looked so cute!

I wish I had a picture that day, but we lost out camera at the Boat Show™ a few weeks earlier. So anyway, off we went trick-or-treating and everyone who went by either commented or just smiled. It was a great costume idea and was just so funny to see.

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by GiGi

My dog and I r going to be a bee. We are going to be in a parade, so we made a homemade costume.

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