Remedies for a Car Sick Dog

Searching for a car sick dog remedy? We'll do what we can to help...

Why Does Dog Car Sickness Occur?

You're not getting me on that boat ride!

At times, associate being in a car with feeling sick or throwing up.

First of all, why do some dogs get sick from the motion of a car (or boat) and not others?

Puppies up to 8 months may get car sick because their inner ear structure has not developed properly as yet.

Sometimes the ears never mature; the dog continues to get car sick his or her entire life.

Your dog may also be anticipating a negative experience at the end of the ride and be worrying himself sick about it.

Symptoms of Dog Car Sickness

There are a number of signs that can indicate your dog is feeling car or seasick:

  • Acting uneasy and restless
  • Acting more lethargic than usual
  • Drooling and swallowing excessively
  • Yawning
  • Whining
  • Vomiting - this usually occurs after the above indicators.

Sometimes you can actually see the dog feeling sick - we had Comet on a ferry ride once where he became seasick. His face became pinched and drawn and definitely looked paler than normal. His gums were also pale. Fortunately, we were outside on deck and able to get him over to a side rail before he upchucked!

Since he did not tend to get car sick, it did not occur to us that he might get seasick...

Possible Solutions for a Car Sick Dog

* Give or withhold food

* Provide fresh air

* Play or sing soothing music

* Bring along a favorite toy, blanket or bed

* Allow your dog to see out OR block your dog's view

* Take short trips with positive destinations (instead of just scary visits to the vet)

There are several simple things you can try, shown by the list at left, to help your dog overcome car sickness before resorting to medication.

However, there are times when you cannot give your dog the one thing (or combination of things) he or she needs in order not to throw up.

That's when it helps to have ginger root on hand. Dosage is 250 mg/10 lbs of body weight.

Bach Rescue Remedy may also work to reduce nausea - dose at 1/4 dropper per 10 lbs of the dog's weight.

Dramamine, a.k.a. Gravol or dimenhydrinate should not be given without consulting a vet first, in our opinion.

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