My dog's life before i got him

by Andre R.
(Elizabeth , NJ)

My Dog Cesar

My Dog Cesar

He was bought from a pet store, as a puppy American Eskimo. He was a gift to a girlfriend, but the girlfriend quickly turned him down. The boyfriend was thinking what he was going to do with the dog; he decided to "put him to sleep" but as my uncle was his best friend he said "NO!!!! don't end this li'l puppy's life - he was just put on this earth. i will take him." So my uncle took him. The dog didn't have a name yet so my uncle and his friends started calling out names to see if he responded, then they gave up. So they started watching a movie TROY. One of the actors said Cesar and he quickly responded to the name and now my dog's name is Cesar.

But as time passed my uncle said to himself, "i cant give this dog a good life." (My uncle was 28 at the time, had a small apartment and the dog was always locked up in the apartment and did his stuff everywhere and he was always alone). So he started asking everybody he knew with a good yard and house. I was a 9 year old boy at the time with only a li'l sister and I loved dogs so I begged my mom and dad to bring him home.

One day i see a li'l puff ball walk in my house and from that day on he would be known as my dog and my only brother. I am 14 now and my li'l puff ball is still very active and i love to run around with him but he is a li'l overweight, but i am working on that with him. Hope you liked my dog's story

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I love it
by: Anonymous

Loved the story!!!!
It is very good you care about Cesar.
Also about Cesar's weight, no doubt he's giving you trouble with that cause of his picture, lol.

I have 1
by: Anonymous

Hey! I have one too! they are just ADORABLE!! They r the best doggy ever!!

Peace. Love. Eskies!

by: Lisa

What a great story. I love it!!!!

Great story!
by: Viki

I am so glad that Cesar ended up with such a caring master and friend! Thank you for caring about his weight... so many people don't understand how it is no better for the dog to be overweight then it is for a person. Cesar sure looks happy in the picture -- and I am sure you will never forget him. Dogs bring such happiness and love to our lives. Happy Thanksgiving to you both!

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Cesars story - Update

by Andre

pictures of him in his younger days

pictures of him in his younger days

UPDATE: Cesar is no longer with us. One day he started throwing up a lot and only drinking and his stool was just foul smelling liquid (sorry for the rudeness) so we took him to the vet. The vet was almost sure it was tumors so he took lab results and Cesar had a very high count of white blood cells so he went in for a cat scan (I always forget which it was). The vet told us the news that Cesar had tumors everywhere, even in his heart.

We saw that he was suffering and he lasted 3 weeks after he had stopped eating. He had lost a lot of weight. So during that time we were waiting until my uncle the original owner could take him. He took him on March 12, 2010. I was in school at the time.

I will never forget you Cesar...

Andre, thanks for giving us your update. We are very sorry that you had to lose Cesar in such a sad way. We are glad, however, that you and your uncle gave him a chance to live in such a loving home for at least 5 years.

By the way, there is a website for grieving pet owners where you can leave a tribute to Cesar and also talk about him more. See

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