Chewable chum!

by Jemma Green

Okay my pug loves having a nibble and a chew - he can't get enough! Here are two of my ideas:


What you will need:

* An old top or T-shirt (clean of course with no dangling threads. This can be short-sleeved or long-sleeved. It must be plain and have no dangling accessories such as buttons or zips etc.)

* A sewing needle and some thread, preferably the same colour as your top or T-shirt.

* Stuffing materials: Lots of old socks; or at least 5 other soft, old T-shirts/ blouses/ sweatshirts; or some old squishy, soft, fluffy slippers (2 pairs); or an old quilt, or a lot of old newspapers. CUT THEM INTO ROUGHLY HALF INCH PIECES.

* Scissors


1. Okay first you get your top/T-shirt and sew up the bottom, and the armholes. Do NOT sew the neck hole shut.

2. Take your stuffing materials and push them through the neck hole so your top/T-shirt becomes quite plump.

3. Sew up the neck hole.

4. Double check to make sure you don't have any funny little threads or bits and bobs hanging off.

5. Make sure your sewing is tight and secure (chuck it around yourself first).

6. Introduce your Chewable Chum to your puppy/dog!


First get an old (clean) flannel and get your sewing kit out
You will also need some old (clean) socks

* Fold your flannel in half
* Sew up the longest side so it is a rectangle shape
* Next sew up one short side
* Leave one side open
* Stuff some old (clean) socks inside of the remaining opening
* Sew up the last opening edge
* There you have it!

It's a great cheap toy for your dog/puppy to chew on!

Jemma, these sound like really fun, simple-to-make chew toys for smaller dogs with jaws not strong enough to chew through a T-shirt or flannel cloth.

Note that we would recommend a much tougher material for the outside if these were for a chewer with stronger teeth, else there would be stuffing materials all over the house or garden within short order. Consider fabric from an old backpack or two as an alternative.

There is also the danger, especially with puppies, that a dog could choke on little bits of stuffing - therefore we recommend that people ALWAYS supervise a dog with any stuffed chew toys.

At any rate, thanks again for submitting these fun dog chew toy ideas. Note that we combined the two because the second idea was too short for its own page.

Also appreciate the lovely photo: it has been put on our home page for November - sorry we did not have this page up earlier - the link to this page has now been added.

All the best,

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by: John

The tips to make chewable chum for the dogs shared here on the page are really interesting. I am a dog lover and this site has helped me a lot to understand more on taking care of my dog. Keep up the good work!

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