Costumes For Your Dog

Welcome to our costumes for your dog page!

For several last-minute dog costume ideas and instructions, please follow the slideshow below.

A last minute dog costume you can make yourself.

The clown costume shown at left is one sample of these costumes.

More Costumes for Your Dog

Please see our Homemade Dog Costume Ideas page. (Scroll all the way down to the bottom to see the many different types of costume ideas that have been contributed by visitors. Most include photos of the outfit to give you a better idea of the end result.) 

If you have a bigger dog, you can also head off to our Large Dog Halloween costumes page.

In addition, we have a few other pages that you could check out. These include patterns for Dog Capes and Dog Party Hats Also, if you have an idea for a particular shirt, such as one with a Hawaiian theme or a dress up shirt, we have a free pattern that can be adapted for any size dog at Free Dog Clothes Pattern: Dog Shirt.

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