Crafting a Dog Bandana

by Lucy McCluskey
(Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, England)

Go to a local shop, like Marks and Spencers, and purchase a bandana. Alternatively, use one that is already is your possession. If you do not have the time, cannot afford it or any other reason, then it is simple to craft your own:


- Select some old (or otherwise rarely worn) material from the bottom of your wardrobe. This could be simply a vest, or a pair of leggings. Do not use heavy materials such as denim, wool, etc.

- Snip the material into shape. The required shape is a square. This will ensure that the material will not be too heavy for the dog to carry.

- This step is optional, however (if you would like to) you can draw on the material. Draw only on one side and half of the material.

Now you must attach the accessory to your dog. Try the material out for size. I wil NOT take blame for any harm that comes to your dog, as these are mere instructions. If the material is too small, then the dog will be in great discomfort. Avoid this at all costs.

Fold the material in half, so the shape of it looks like a triangle. The pointy ends must stretch nicely and loosely around the canine's neck. You will next tie the pointy ends together.

Voila! Your own dog bandana!

Hello Lucy,
Sorry for the delay in posting your idea - we appreciate the detailed instructions. However, I am wondering whether you actually tried crafting a dog bandana and putting it on a dog.

The reason I say this is because when I was developing the design for our basic bandana, I found that starting with a square did not work for Comet's neck. We would have needed a huge square that covered half his back in order to get the points between the triangle long enough to go around his neck... Perhaps the square idea works for smaller dogs or dogs with very thin necks... or perhaps some very stretchy material would work differently.

Anyway, thank you again for writing in. Jo

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