Crocheted Dog Sweaters

Recommended free sources of patterns for crocheted dog sweaters!

Patterns on this website

Pebble's crocheted sweater was made in an afternoon.

I adapted it from instructions for a One-Piece Solid Dog Sweater and use buttons for the fasteners.

Using the above pattern in a different color yarn, I show you how you can take your sweater and add ribbon to it to create a Christmassy outfit.

Crocheted Dog Sweaters - Designs from Other Websites

Crochet N More

At current count, Crochet N More offers ten free sweater patterns to crochet for your dog, included a ruffled pink sweater and red-white-and-blue patriotic jacket that looks just like a sweater.

If you're a beginner at crocheting, their Crochet Basics pages offer detailed information about crochet abbreviations and stitches.

DIY Maven

Here's a candy corn design by DIY Maven for Halloween. The instructions are for a 12 to 20 pound dog but can be altered to fit any size dog.

Note this a one-piece design without fasteners and uses only single and double crochet in the pattern.

This would be a good project for a beginning crocheter.

Bobbie's Crochet Place

A pattern made for tiny dogs that can be scaled up is Bobbie's Doggie Sweater. This is also a combination of single and double chain crochet - it looks like you could crochet it really quickly, I'm estimating in less than an hour!

Debbie Jean's Blog

Debbie Jean does not provide an exact number of stitches - so simply measure the piece against your dog as you go along.

For a pattern for any size dog worked from a different angle than the usual, check out Debbie Jean's Doggie Sweater:

  • Work a rectangular piece in single crochet that lies across the top of your dog's back from the neck to the tail.
  • Next add a side rectangle to the above to go under the dog's belly. Sew this flap to the other side when done.
  • Finally, add a collar piece that goes around the dog's neck in the same manner as the belly strap.

Or you can take your dog's measurements, then crochet a test swatch of at least 20 stitches to see how many stitches you create per inch or mm (the gauge). Using your gauge and Debbie Jean's idea, you can figure out the ballpark number of stitches needed.

If you use any of these free patterns to create crocheted dog sweaters, we'd love photos!

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