Customer wooden 2 bowl dog dish holder for taller dogs

by Johnathon C

I used spare wood from my work for my tester piece. I started by figuring out how high and wide the dishes were. I then took an oak board 1" thick by 10" wide on which I made my marks so that the lips of the dishes caught the tops of the cutouts so the bowls sat down in the holes.

Then I cut 10"H × 10"W × 1¾" thickness legs and drilled pocket holes in the top board so the screws were pocketed so no dogs could get hurt on the screw heads.

Next I screwed 2 screws through the top board into the top legs; 4 screws total for both legs. After that I dog eared the sign/leg separation and supported the corners so it didn't just look like a cornered sign.

If I were building this for a customer, on the sign on the front I would engrave or stencil whatever the customer called for. Mostly I was thinking of adding the pet's name with stencil work or painting/pinstripes.

Jo's comments: Hi Johnathon - Thank you for submitting your photo and detailed description of this beautiful device for dogs! I like that you dog eared the sign between the legs under the bowls. I also noticed that you rounded out the corners of the oak board on the top to make this an elegant item that would look good in most people's homes. Again, we appreciate your submission.

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by: Lisa

wonderful craftmanship.

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