Denim Dog Tug Toy

by TheAbsoluteNorm
(Milton, Ontario, Canada)

I had some old baggy jeans (a la old-school grungy hip-hop) that I matured out of and no longer used. I washed them and cut one of the legs off beneath the butt-pocket.

I then cut the amputated pant leg into three (roughly equal) strips.

Trim the frayed edges as this can be a choking hazard for you, your dog or your kids, plus they leave a sour taste in the aesthetics department.

Grab all three strips by one end and tie into a knot, incorporating all three strips. Make it solid and tight.

Proceed to braid the three strips.

Once you get to the ends, you must get a little creative to tie all three tips together. My tip is to start off by tying two together and then work in the third one last. Also twisting the tips can help in making a tighter and smaller knot.

Finally, keep the fraying under control by regularly trimming the frayed edges, depending on how much your pet abuses it.

Hope this helps...I know that my Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog gets a kick either doing fetching and retrieving with it or just going wild with it.

Either way this homemade denim dog tug toy is a great way to re-use some old jeans that were never gonna get used and to stimulate your pets body/mind on the cheap.



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by: Rake

That is indeed an innovative idea regarding what can be done with the usage of denim jeans, which would otherwise be used for floor mopping purpose. You do have fashion sense, which is so evident from these details.

nice start
by: audrey

your tips were awesome and i liked the way you started the step that is the idea of tying them together. this was really helpful read. thanks a lot absolute norm :-) and cheers.

by: Anonymous

this is a good idea but it helps if you soak it in broth or put PB on it and freeze it

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