Design Your Own Dog Collar

Design your own dog collar out of yarn!

The step-by-step instructions of this attractive and unique dog collar are for small dogs weighing under 25 lbs.

I show you how to:

  • Use colors in the correct order to create an attractive pattern.
  • Produce a strong weave using a specific number of strands.
  • Add the necessary hardware.
Attractive woven dog collar using light and dark green yarn

After your collar is ready, please do some testing with it before taking your dog out of an enclosed area.

Choosing the Materials for the Collar

This collar is made out of two contrasting colors of yarn, lighter and darker, which makes it easier to keep track of your braiding.

Suggested color combinations are:

  •  Light blue with dark blue or light green with dark green
  • Pale pink with hot pink or lavender with a darker purple
  • White with black, blue, red, green, orange, purple and more
  • Tan, beige or yellow combined with darker colors such as black, brown or navy blue
  • Any combination that pleases you!

The weight of the yarn is up to you but I'd suggest you start with something that is not too thick as it will be more difficult to add the hardware.

The terms braiding, plaiting and weaving are used interchangeably. The collar will most likely take you an hour or two, more if you add bells.

Materials Needed

  • At least 4 yards lighter yarn (LT)
  • At least 3 yards darker/contrasting yarn (DK)
  • A sturdy metal buckle around 3/16 to 1/2 inch (15 mm) wideA sturdy metal D-ring of the same width
  • Needle and thread (any color)
  • Yarn or darning needle or crochet hook
  • 3 or 4 jingle bells (optional)

Design Your Own Dog Collar: Measurements

Take a measuring tape or a piece of string and go all the way around your dog's neck - it doesn't matter whether you use inches or millimeters. Write down the number. Then add half that number. Finally, add at least 4 more inches (or 100 mm) for finishing to get the total collar measurement (TCM).

For example, if your dog’s neck measures 13 inches, add 6.5 inches and another 4 inches to that for a total of 23.5 inches.

The reason you are making the strands so much longer than your dog's neck is that plaiting or braiding shortens the overall final length.

Beginning to Weave

            Prepping the Project

  • Cut 5 strands of DK yarn and 4 strands of LT yarn equal to the TCM.
  • Tie all the strands together in a knot and tape the loose ends above the knot firmly to your work surface. (You can also make longer strands and tie the end around a chair leg or post.)
  • Spreads the strands flat so they lie in the order shown in the top photo.

           Starting the Plaiting

  • Start on the left with the outermost LT strand.
  • Weave under and over and put that strand straight out to the right.
  • Now take the outermost LT strand hanging down on the right, and weave it under and over and set it straight out to the left.
  • You should have one LT strand sticking out on the right side, and one sticking out on the left, perpendicular to your braided piece

Continuing the Braiding

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

  • Take the outermost LT strand hanging down on the left and weave it under and over to the right side (Photo 1). You ought to have two LT strands sticking straight out to the right. 
  • To start the next row, bring down the upper right LT strand over the one you just used for weaving (Photo 2), then take that strand and do under-over weaving to the left side (Photo 3). You should end up with two LT strands sticking out to the left.
  • Bring down the upper left LT strand over the strand you were just weaving with, and  then proceed with the under-over sequence to the right side.
  • Continue until your piece is long enough that the braided portion fits comfortably around your dog's neck.

Finishing Instructions

Congratulations, you have just completed the main part of these design your own dog collar instructions!

Finishing instructions to Design Your Own Dog Collar, along with testing procedures, are on the following page.

If you’d like to make a matching leash, separate instructions are on the Personalized Dog Leash page.

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