Discount Dog Dresses

Discount dog dresses or skirts can be so gratifying to make!

Option 1: Modify Existing Clothes

The first option for making dog dresses at a discount is to search around through the infant or kids' section of a thrift store.

See if there's something you can pick up for a dollar or two that can be altered to fit your doggie.

A Westie in a discount dog dress i.e., homemade

Below is how an anonymous contributor did this:


Doggie Sundress

It's really easy - all you need is an old sundress!  First you have to get a sundress with a stretchy top (elastic) that will fit the breast area of your dog. Then just cut your dress shorter and voila!  You now have a cute summer outfit for your dog. You can also add straps to make sure it won't fall off.


Amber from Indiana submitted her description of the dress she made for Zoey from just two little items.

Zoey sports a teeny homemade doggie dress made from a sockZoey in her teeny doggie dress

Carol Harrison from California shared the photos below, telling us: "I've made throw pillows from old jeans before and got an idea of using the jeans to make discount dog dresses.  Kind of a country look, especially with the gingham."

We think these are darling, don't you?

Doggie dress made from an old pair of jeans and some extra gingham fabricGreat use of a pair of old jeans and scrap gingham fabric
Doggie dress with blue jean fabric for the top and checked red and white fabric for the skirtA nice marriage of jean and gingham fabric into a dress with a heart design

Option 2: Make a Dress from Fabric

Another option is to make a doggie dress or skirt from scratch using discounted or leftover fabrics. Since doggie dresses are small, not a whole lot of fabric may be needed.

Even if you do not have a sewing machine, the outfits are small enough to sew them by hand.

Also, if you really detest sewing, you may be able to use fabric glue instead.

Suzanne from Florida created the dress below for her dog Candy by starting with our therapy Dog Vest pattern and then adding onto it.

A lacy white with red trim custom doggie dressWill you be my Valentine?

Where to Begin?

It may help you to make a sewing pattern tailored to your dog. Once you’ve made one, you can make more. Your dog can have a wardrobe to rival a Hollywood star, and who knows, it may even turn into a business for you!

If you’re not good with a paper pattern (like me), take an outfit that fits your dog that you would be willing to take apart; then use the pieces as your pattern. (That worked well for a pioneer dress I once made for our younger daughter).

Advantages of Making Discount Dog Dresses

Besides saving you money, the variety of doggie dresses and designs you can make is limitless – for example, you can:

  • Experiment with different fabrics and patterns
  • Alter the design for the neckline and collar
  • Add or remove sleeves, or create different shapes (puffed out, extra wide, shirred etc.)
  • Make the skirt longer or shorter
  • Add decorative things such as ribbons, lace, beads
  • Use different colorful belts or bands to join the top and skirt parts together
  • Try different methods of fastening – buttons, Velcro, snaps, loops
  • By matching fabrics, you can coordinate accessories such as bows, bags, booties, bonnets and more!
Matching discount dog dress and bows on a very cute doggie!Matching bow and the flower on the belt create unity and style!

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