Dog Ball Toy Ideas

Add variety to your dog's fun by making a dog ball toy! 

Below are some ideas to make ball-related toys either as replacements or to provide dogs with some variety. 

You can learn how to make dog toys of this type very easily. They also tend to be quite inexpensive. Some ideas involve using an existing ball; others can be created from materials you have lying around the house.

WARNING: A ball that is too small can lodge in a dog's throat and be a choking hazard. Please make sure you size balls you make or buy correctly - they must be too big to be swallowed! (If the dog happens to choke, you may be able to push it up from the outside of the dog's throat - but why put you or your dog through that?)

Sock Balls Make Great Dog Ball Toys

Use old socks to make the balls, good indoors and out. They can be holey and smelly - your dog won't care! They are also washable, if you want to wash off that dog slime.

See Make Dog Toys Out of Old Socks for instructions on how to make these classic dog toys. 

Or combine the two - here's a Sock Snowball idea presented by Elizabeth from San Diego, California:

Get a tennis ball and a white sock. Put the sock on the tennis ball. Then, sew the sock onto the tennis ball with a needle and a colorful thread. That's a good dog ball toy!

Tape & Paper Dog Ball Toy

Dog ball from newspaper and duct tape
Dog ball from newspaper and masking tape

Use duct tape or another kind of tape and wrap it tightly around a wad of newspaper (or another kind of paper or rags). Like sock balls, this type of ball will not be perfectly round and will roll rather than bounce... Make sure the tape stays on tight! 

Here's a comment received by an anonymous visitor:

Ohhh THAT'S what that was!! 

I just read your description of how to make the "tape and paper balls" with newspaper and duct tape, and suddenly I understand something I have wondered about for months!

I live very close to a small neighborhood park where people often go with their dogs to play fetch or frisbee. A month or so ago I went there with my dog, and while sniffing around the bushes, she rolled out this little almost-round wad of something that was tightly wrapped in duct tape. It was about the size and shape of a tennis ball. There was a second one just like it on the ground on the other side of the park. My dog carried it around in her mouth for a while, but I was afraid that there was something inside the tape that could be potentially dangerous, so I took it away from her. When I look at the photos of the Tape and Paper balls, that is EXACTLY what it looked like! Perhaps someone in my neighborhood has made them too!

Mystery solved. (and p.s. Apparently my dog loves them too!)

Visitor Contributions for Tape & Paper Balls

The smelly dog ball toy by Jake from England

Get newspaper, stickytape and a smell of your choice.

Scrunch up your newspaper and keep doing it until you have a big ball, otherwise he/she might swallow the ball whole and choke.

Put tape around the ball to make it strong.

Then you can spray or smear nearly all the smell onto the ball.

Tip: For a stronger smell, you can also put the smelly stuff in every bit of newspaper before you tape it up.

Jake told us he used peanut butter for his smelly substance and his dog ripped it apart. We suggest tiny bits of cheese, jerky or meat, or else cheese spread or Ranch salad dressing as alternatives. Tazzy from the UK has another version...

Having Fun with Newspaper! by Tazzy from Great Britain

Newspaper fun 1.

Scrunch up about 2 - 3 pages of an old newspaper (really good for recycling!) Hold it tight. With a spare pair of paws get some cellotape or duct tape and pull it tight and and stick around it so it's a round newspaper ball. Try to get all of the newspaper ball covered.

It's really good for big dog's like my 2 rottweilers!

Newspaper fun 2.

Get a page of an old newspaper or get two pages (depends what size dog) and roll into a sausage shape.
Get a spoon or knife with honey on and smear on the rolled up newspaper page. Then cellotape it all tightly together so it's well covered and hard to get the honey. Now they have a lovely bone like toy!

Other Dog Ball Toy Ideas

Did you know you can make your own chuck it ball for dogs? Just head over to our Chuck It Dog Toy page!

Now read on for some other innovative ways to keep your dog happily occupied!

Clothesline Ball by Caitlyn from Chinchilla, Queensland, Australia

Buddy loves water and homemade dog ball toysMy dog Buddy (he loves water)

Buy or make one of those ball on a string toys and latch it on your clothesline. Your dog should chase after it and play tug-a-war with it; it is so cute.

If you have a tall clothesline, you might need to add some rope to the string or something like that.

Tennis ball game by Kara from Massachusetts

Does your dog love tennis balls? My dog does! This is a game that dogs just love, from Poodles to Great Danes everywhere!

First, take a tennis ball and find a paper cup. Put the tennis ball in the cup so it fits snugly in. Push it in as far as possible. My dog, Molly, a 4 year old Black Lab, loves this toy and can't stop trying to get the ball out! Please monitor your dog while he/she is playing with it, for he/she could chew the cup up and eat it. Yuck! Hope your dog likes this toy as much as mine does!

Someone named Tabitha commented: 

This game sounds like fun! I laughed just reading it! I have a Yorkie/Poodle mix who's birthday is coming up, and I'm gonna make her one of these!! It would be great for traveling in a motorhome for something to do. She would probably play with it for hours without getting bored! Thanks for the great game, I'm gonna use it!!!

Thank you for viewing this page. Note that if you have any dog ball toy ideas you'd like to contribute that are different from the ones shown here or on the sock ball page, write it up and send it here - Thanks! Jo

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