Dog Bed Measurements

Here's how to take your dog bed measurements before beginning the dog bed project.

Be sure and write down the numbers as you go!

The Nitty Gritty of Dog Bed Measurements

Comet liked to sleep stretched out when it was warm. Here he is on his unofficial bed, the couch, in our travel trailer.

Measurements are needed for three sections of the dog bed:

* The top and bottom - you'll need your dog for this part

* The strip that connects the top and bottom

* The bolster or padded back rest around the top edge of the bed (this is an optional feature)

Top and Bottom

Height of your dog from the floor to the top of the shoulders (withers)

Measure your dog from the tip of the nose to the back end of the tail, with the tail tucked against the dog’s behind.

  • Your dog can be standing for this measurement, or be lying down, stretched out, as shown in the photo below left.

Final Top and Bottom measurements:
Add 3 inches (75 mm) to the width and to the length to allow for seams and add 5 or 6 inches if you're adding a bolster.

Note that for the Circle or Round Shape, the length and width will be exactly the same. For more on the different shapes, see Dog Bed Patterns.

Comet sleeping stretched out on a warm day outside the RV.

Comet curled up after a bath trying to get warm.

Connecting Strip

This strip connects the top and bottom pieces. In other words, it forms the sides of the dog bed.

This is the height you want the bed to become. Add 1 inch (25 mm) for the seams.

Circumference* or perimeter** of the bed plus 1 inch (25 mm) for the seams.

*Circumference is taken if you are planning on a round or oval bed.

** Perimeter if you are making a rectangular, trapezoidal or kidney-shaped bed.

Bolster - the Padded Tube Around the Top

13 inches wide for a tube approx. 4 inches (100 mm) in diameter
16 inches wide for a tube approx. 5 inches (125 mm) in diameter
19 inches wide for a tube approx. 6 inches (150 mm) in diameter

Circumference* or perimeter** of the bed

*For the circumference, use the following formula: 3.14 x length.
**For the perimeter, add the two lengths and the two widths for the total sum.

Now that you’ve determined your dog bed measurements, it’s time to take a look at the kinds of Materials you'll need to make your dog bed.

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