Is my dog limping or what?

by Sierra
(Mexico, Missouri, USA)




Well, my Lab I just got recently at an animal shelter has a limping leg I am guessing.. He also sleeps funny like crossing his legs! But not ONLY when he is sleeping.. When he is laying down, sitting, or in any position. Not always but mostly! And when he runs, he skips. How can I tell if he's hurt without taking him to a vet because they are very expensive! Please help me! I love my Cooper and I want to know what's wrong! Thank you!! :)



Comet often crossed his legs in front when he was lying down, so it is not unheard of for dogs to cross their legs. The skipping action may not be that unusual either.

However, if your dog was like this when you got him from the shelter, you may be able to bring him back there and ask what they think... Another place to try would be to take Cooper to a dog park and ask other dog owners. Many people have a lot of experience with dogs.

Visitors, do you have any other suggestions? Please add your comments below - thanks! Jo

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Dog ingested Tums!

by Beth
(Concord NC)


My year old Beagle Shellby had a half of a bottle of Tums for breakfast !

Is there anything high in fiber I can give her to prevent or help with constipation? Thank you



According to my e-manual Veterinary Secrets Revealed written by veterinarian Dr. Andrew Jones of Nelson, British Columbia, the following are recommended for constipation in dogs:

1 tsp of flax seed per cup of dog food (high fiber) or

1/2 tsp metamucil per 10 lbs of body weight

Add water to dry dog food

Make sure your dog gets good exercise

Hope this helps! Monitor your dog closely regarding results. Be sure and consult a veterinarian if in doubt.


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Yeast infection in puppy

by Tim S.
(Corona ca)


How to clear up a yeast infection in a 2 month old puppy. She is an American bulldog boxer mix.


Tim, thank you for your question. We are presuming that this is an infection in your puppy's ears? If so, according to Dr. Andrew Jones of Nelson, who owns an animal hospital in British Columbia, a home remedy of a 50-50 solution of white vinegar and water can be used to rinse out the ear. Remove the debris with a cotton swab. Do this weekly as needed.

Please note that we are not qualified veterinarians. If this does not help, you may be able to find an answer through Ask the Vet - see the link below:

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