Dog bow headband

by Mackenze
(New Hampshire)

I made my dog bow headband by getting a regular head band. Then I also got some fabric that was as wide as the headband. I bunched the fabric up, and then glued it onto the headband.

Editor's note: Mackenze, this sounds like a quick and easy project! You will want to make sure that the fabric has seams on the sides so it does not unravel. Or else use fabric where the threads naturally stay together even when you cut it. Instead of bunching all the fabric, you could bunch smaller pieces together and create a flower or dog bow effect.

You could try for a theme, such as a certain color fabric for holidays; or a leopard print; or a flowery kind for a girl dog. You will want to make sure that the headband fits comfortably and does not pinch your dog's head. If necessary, glue some foam to the inside so that it feels soft. NEVER force a dog to wear something that he/she does not want to wear...

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You can do it!
by: Johanna

Not necessarily true. You may not come out with exactly the same thing but if you use your imagination, creativity, along with common sense, it's amazing what results you get...

dog headband
by: Anonymous

you cant make it if the instructions are not clear!!!!!!!!

by: Anonymous

Never? Why not?

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