Dog Boxes

What's the scoop on dog boxes?

Custom made dog box painted green

These are special enclosures that fit on the back of a pickup or flatbed truck for transporting dogs.

They are also known as hunting dog or dog truck boxes. 

The number of dogs transported in this manner can range from one to a couple of dozen or more.

Why Build a Dog Truck Box?

People who have teams of sled or hunting dogs want to transport their dogs safely

Letting them loose in a vehicle can be a definite hazard, let alone a cleanup challenge!

Another use for dog truck boxes is that they can serve as temporary kennels when the dogs spend periods of time away from home.

Some are small and portable enough that they can easily be removed and set on the ground, especially useful if the vehicle is used for other purposes in between events. Others are so large and heavy they may require a hoist and winch for removal from the vehicle.

Most also have built-in storage compartments for all the paraphernalia that needs to be taken along to dog events. Often the dog owner finds that more storage is needed than was planned for!

Since the needs of dog owners and sizes of their trucks vary, these boxes are either often custom made or DIY projects.

Our Guide to Custom Made Dog Boxes

For information on designing and building your own, see How To Build Dog Boxes

Below are links to Flickr photos of custom made designs. Obviously, the projects are as individual as their owners!(Note that, due to copyright issues, we are unable to post them, but the links should take you directly to the photos.) 

Colder Weather

Individual old dog boxes with wire front

Homemade out of wood with tops removed.

Four dogs, two per enclosure

Wooden with metal bars and latches.

Three or six dog trailer

Multi-dog wooden affair on a utility trailer. (We'd only recommend this for slow-speed hauling and short trips)

Double decker multi-dog

Wooden design with portholes for 10 or 20 sled dogs.

Very basic but it works

Four wooden boxes, two high, on a utility trailer.

Homemade but serviceable!

Plywood with round holes for two dogs. Not sure what the bread represents...

Warmer Weather

Rounded metal design, single box

Another huge contraption so perhaps designed for multiple dogs that would need to be secured.

Two dog, large size

Metal bars, wood doors, two sections. Would recommend dogs be tied up via a harness for travel since there is so much room.

Two dog pen

Chain link metal pen on a pickup bed.

Creative Designs

Painted dog head design

Unique door openings.

Pawprint design

Creative ventilation hole.

Decorated aluminum box

Wallpapered? box attached to rear of SUV.

We hope that the information and links will provide all you need to develop your own project or plans. Please feel free to share what you've built with us!