Dog Cakes Recipe:
Natural Spreads or Frosting

Healthy spreads can be used to top off any dog cakes recipe.

Square dog cake covered with a pink cream cheese, beet juice frosting.This lovely pink frosting contains only healthy ingredients as it was made from low fat cream cheese and beet juice.

Cakes for humans are usually covered with sugary icings or frosting, as well as chemical food dyes.

These items are not only bad for human health but for dog health as well... Fortunately, I've found plenty of good alternatives.

Here you'll discover some types of spreads to use made from wholesome, natural foods.

Learn how to add colors from fresh foods and fruits. Of course, you can experiment and come up with even more frosting ideas - please share!

 Basic Healthy Spreads

These can include:

  • Apple sauce or apple butter (without added sugar)
  • Cream cheese
  • Liver paté
  • Mashed bananas
  • Nut butters (almond and cashew butters are better than peanut)
  • Pesto made from many kinds of greens including basil, endive, kale, parsley, spinach, etc.
  • Plain yogurt
  • Pureed cooked sweet potatoes, yams or winter squash
  • Yogurt cheese
  • Whipped egg whites

Pesto made from blended fresh kale, carrots, oil and parmesan cheese frozen in an ice cube trayKale pesto made by blending fresh kale leaves, grated carrots, some oil, and parmesan cheese (optional).

Note that I freeze the kale  pesto mixture into ice cube trays.

I then later add thawed cubes to a variety of concoctions including dog cakes recipe spreads, soups, stews, pasta and grain dishes.

Dog Cakes Recipe:
Adding Color to Frostings or Spreads

You may choose to go with a one-color spread to form the perfect backdrop to a creative design.

You may also want to use two or more different base colors and create a border around the center or a geometric or other type of pattern.

A bowl of purplish frosting made from plain yogurt and blueberry juice.A mixture of plain yogurt and blueberry juice

However, there are some easy ways to add different colors to your frostings.

For example, cream cheese mixed with pureed beets or dark berries (or their juice) will give you shades of the pink and purple colors.

Or combine yogurt with pureed peas or green beans to get shades of green.

Try carrot juice or orange zest for orangy colors, or lemon zest or turmeric to add yellow.

You can also get a marbled effect by not fully mixing the colors.

More Things to Consider About Spreads

Do consider the effect on dog (and possibly human) tastebuds of the mix of toppings you plan to use!

Always check with guests ahead of time about allergies their dog may have to ingredients.

For healthy ingredients to fill in the details of your design, see Dog Cake Toppers.

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