Dog Cart Wheelchair

Can my dog adapt to a dog cart wheelchair?

Lil Oscar promotes the Giants with his dog cart wheelchair

Dogs that become disabled often adapt quite readily to loss of function.

However, the sooner a dog can be helped to regain mobility, the better.

Lil Oscar is proof that a dog can adapt successfully to a dog wheelchair; he has been using his for over 10 years!

About Lil Oscar Wagons

Lil Oscar is quite an inspiration in the handicapped pet world.

He is a Shih Tzu that became suddenly disabled due to two slipped discs over a decade ago.

He's become a familiar sight on neighborhood walks and at parades in the Bay Area of California in one kind of decorated dog cart wheelchair or another.

Patriotic July 4th theme for a dog cart wheelchair

This great little dog has thrived thanks to the loving care of his owners and their attitude that he is not a burden but a blessing.

In 2007, they started creating different types of wagons to fit his dog wheelchair as a way to draw attention to the fact that a handicapped dog can be healthy and happy.

About Lil Oscar's Care

Among other things, they learned how to express his bladder three times daily and also that a daily dose of amoxycillin keeps kidney stones at bay.

We sent Lil Oscar's owners the following query:

We are wondering how long you put him in the wheelchair each day and would appreciate any tips we can pass on to site visitors
regarding his care and home environment - do you have wood floors or linoleum that he can slide along on etc.

Their reply:

We only use the wheelchair when he goes out on walks. He pulls himself around with his front legs and stronger front shoulders. We have mostly carpet, he does fine on it, in the yard on grass, and of course on the tile in the kitchen.

(If you are on FB, please go to Lil Oscars Wagon and give him a LIKE. It took a little digging but in Nov 2016 he was in a Veterans Day parade.)

Build Your Own Dog Cart Wheelchair

Many manufactured wheelchairs are expensive. That is why we decided to find a way for people to build their own at a much lower cost.

We found that it is NOT all that difficult to build your own dog wheelchair, even if you live in an apartment. All you need is motivation, the ability to follow directions, and have a few basic tools.

We currently have an adjustable PVC dog wheelchair design for dogs that weigh between 25 and 50 lbs, known as the Dogge Chariot™, that costs around USD 85 to build.

We also have instructions for a dog wheelchair that provides support to large and extra large dogs when they are struggling with their rear or front legs, the Dogge Buggy™.

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