Dog chaussette

by Kevin jones
(Studio City, California)

Our dog is always cold and shaking, so my cousin said, Let's put socks on her with rubber bands."
I said, "Oh, wow, we could invent dog socks!"

Hi Kevin,

Thank you for submitting your idea. I had to look up the word "chausette" and found it was French for "sock." Note that although it sounds good in theory, we recommend you do NOT put rubber bands on your dog's legs because it is difficult to gauge whether you are cutting off your dog's circulation or not. (I had the experience as a child where I put a rubber band around my wrist for a few days and ended up with an area of numbness on my hand for about six months after that. The rubber band had not felt particularly tight or uncomfortable.)

You could possibly attach Velcro and fasten the socks with that. We would also suggest that you not encase the dog's paws in the socks but cut the toe off so the claws could poke through. This would still allow your dog to keep normal traction rather than sliding all over and possibly injuring him- or herself.

Note that we already have instructions for dog socks or dog leg warmers that are knitted or crocheted on the page marked Make Dog Socks

Again, we do appreciate your taking the time to write and hope you will submit further ideas. Jo

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