Make Dog Christmas Clothes

It can be super easy to make dog Christmas clothes!

Harvey wearing a homemade Santa outfitThis is a photo of my 3 month old Chihuahua...He's a wonderful little man. His name is Harley.

Abigail C. in Gainesville, Georgia submitted the following to our site:

Harley decided he wasn't going to wait for Santa, so he's dressed as Santa in disguise!

I bought the fabric from Random Place and used good old fashioned sewing.

Merry Christmas!


Custom Sewing Dog Christmas Clothes

What's nice about sewing your own dog clothes is that you have control over the fabric - the texture, weight, colors, and you can make matching accessories such as booties, bows, hats, decorated collars.

Since dog shapes and sizes vary, it can be helpful to get a FREE dog clothes sewing pattern or two to adapt to your dog for a custom design.

We offer two free patterns:

1. Dog shirt pattern (which can be used for the top part of a doggie dress too).

Teeny showing off her custom sewn dog Christmas coat

2. Dog Christmas coat (shown above-made out of fleece) which can also be adapted to become a shirt.

If you're not into sewing much, you could make a Christmas knit top with trim for a small dog out of old green or red socks or stockings, as Zoey's owner did when she made her this doggie dress.

You could also use an old turtleneck sweater. Just be sure to glue ribbon or binding over the edges so that the knitting does not unravel. Hint: an opaque felt ribbon may hide traces of glue better than satin ribbon.

Make dog Christmas clothes out of a sock for tiny dogs

Knit or Crochet Dog Holiday Sweaters

Christmas tree design on dog sweater

Different dog sweater patterns and designs are provided here

Start by acquiring/finding yarns in the desired colors.

Look through the knitting needles or crochet hooks you have on hand - no need to buy a certain size since you can create a test swatch to see how many stitches you make per inch (or cm).

Each type of yarn yields different results depending on needle/ hook size.

Measure your dog around the neck, torso, and length, and write down the inches (or cm) on a rough sketch of the dog's outline.

Match these up with the test swatch results to create a custom pattern for your dog.

Other ideas for making dog Christmas clothes are quick-to-make accessories out of complementary or contrasting fabrics or yarns, such as:

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