Dog Christmas Sweaters

More photos and ideas for dog Christmas sweaters.

Christmas Sweater B
Trees and Gift Boxes

The design on Sweater B was begun with a set of stripes  along the bottom edge by simply changing yarn colors at the end of each knitted row.

As with Sweater A, I used Pebble's knitted sweater for the basic pattern.

For a description of the intarsia  technique used for the tree and gift box designs and where to place them, go to Sweater A and read through all the instructions.

A light and dark green and red Christmas dog sweater where gift box motifs and stripes are incorporated into the knitting.Sweater B - Designs knitted into the dog sweater

Knitting the Designs

Large Christmas Tree Design

  • The stem is 4 stitches high, 3 stitches wide, and is placed in the middle of the tree
  • The base of the tree contains four rows (2 Knit, 2 Purl) of 11 stitches
  • The next four rows have 9 stitches each
  • The four rows after that, 7 stitches each
  • The following four rows contain 5 stitches each
  • The next four rows, 3 stitches each
  • The top four rows contain 1 stitch each

Gift Box Pattern

  • The base is 3 stitches wide
  • The box is 6 stitches tall, each stitch representing a row of Knit and a row of Purl
  • Optional: Place a star on top of the box by adding a single stitch of gold or white/silver yarn in the middle

Small Christmas Tree Pattern

  • The stem is 4 stitches high, 1 stitch wide – you could also make it 3 or 2 stitches high
  • The base of the tree contains four rows of 7 stitches
  • The following four rows have 5 stitches each
  • The next four rows have 3 stitches each
  • The top four rows contain 1 stitch each

Sweater C - Ribbon Motif

Adding ribbons on top of the knitting

As mentioned, you can also decorate a sweater that has already been knitted or crocheted to make it look like one of those commercial dog Christmas sweaters.

The photo shows an example of ribbon added to a half finished dark green crocheted jersey based on Pebble’s crocheted sweater pattern.

Knitted dog Christmas sweater with bows and stripes made from felted ribbon


  • Take a piece of wide red velvet ribbon, cut it into thin strips with pointed ends, about 5 or 6 inches (125-150 mm) long for the loops.
  • For the bottom stripes, make them long enough to go from one end of the sweater to the other.
  • Pin the ribbon pieces in place,then attach them permanently by sewing them on with matching thread or glue.
  • Tip: If using a hot glue gun, I’d recommend you first experiment on another swatch of yarn to make sure the glue doesn't adversely affect the yarn.

That's basically it for my ideas at this time. Of course, you're free to experiment with different designs, textures and colors. You can also pay it forward and share your photos and creations here! 

Happy Crafting!

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