Dog Costume Ideas: Bed Time

by Laura
(Hamilton, Montana)




All you need is:

1 Baby jumpsuit
4 Pink sponge rollers

So easy.... and cute :)

Thanks for another of your great dog costume ideas, Laura! This Bed Time one is such a cute dog costume - we can see why you were a winner at PetFest 2010...

As you mentioned in your other homemade dog costumes submission, the Boxer and the Ring Girl, we reckon you found the jumpsuit at a thrift store.

We were wondering where you bought the rollers - they look like an item that could be bought at a dollar store.

Another thing that is not clear to us is how those rollers are attached to Izzie's fur. Did you use bobby pins or some type of rubber band? At any rate, Izzie looks quite happy to be wearing both the jumpsuit and the rollers so she must be feeling comfortable...

By the way, we are curious as to whether you are planning to enter the PetFest 2011 competition and if you are, we would love to see the results - you submitted such lovely photos! (We understand that you would not want to give away any design secrets ahead of the contest but hope you will do so aftewards :) )

Good luck if you do enter!

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Answers :)

I?m glad you like the costume Idea Sorry I wasn?t good with details on how it was made.

I shop for most little Izzie?s clothes at a 2nd hand kids store and than I make them over into costumes or just cute clothes for her to wear to town or whenever.

The rollers can be purchased at k-Mart or probably at a thrift store- I happen to have some from years ago.

A Shih Tzu has long hair on their ears so the rollers are just rolled in her hair.

Izzie and Bailey did enter Pet fest 2011 The Boxer and the Ring Girl and took FIRST PLACE :)and I?m working on ideas for Pet Fest 2012

Congratulations on another win! I'm not surprised - the Boxer and Ring Girl is just great. Thank you for giving us more details. Please keep us posted about 2012! Jo

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