Turn your dog into a creepy animal!

by Nicole

Want to turn your dog into a zombie or a witch? Here are some quick and easy ways to make a couple of homemade dog costumes.

To make a zombie:
Wrap your dog in toilet paper and secure it with a harness.

To make a witch:
Take an old, small black t-shirt for the dress and wrap a black ribbon around it. For the hat use aluminum foil and tape it in party hat shape. Measure to add a bottom around it, leaving room for the head. Tie the same type of ribbon around that and try it on your dog!

Editor's note: Nicole, thanks for these homemade dog costume ideas! For the zombie costume, you may need to use some clear tape or masking tape besides the harness to hold the toilet paper in place. For the hat for the witch outfit, if the aluminum foil is not stiff enough, try using cardboard underneath or instead of the foil. For black tape, you can try the plastic electrical kind.

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Zombie Celebrity

by Sedona
(United States of America)

I am going to be a dead celebrity for halloween. And I would like my dog to be a prop. His name is Milo and he is pretty little so I thought I could pretend he is like one of those little lap dogs in the Hollywood movies and stuff. But he has to look like he's dead too. But I can't seem to figure out how.

Hi Sedona,

Afraid the only thing we've seen is at the following link:

We wouldn't know how you'd make a zombie-like costume for Milo. Anyone else have any ideas? Please put them into the Comments below.


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Homemade dog costume:
Little Plant Dress

This is an idea for small female dog breeds (body is small as a pillowcase) that simply love gardens.

  • First get an old white pillowcase that was washed and ironed.

  • Using textile paint, paint it green or brown (if you plan on making a flower tree).

  • Cut out holes around the pillowcase where your dog will insert her head and arms.

  • Draw two leaves as big as your dog's legs on a white sheet.

  • Paint them green and add leaf detail with a fabric marker.

  • Glue or sew the leaves to the sleeves of the pillowcase.

Now that we made the "stem", time to make the "flower".
  • Just get a tuna can with a cut out bottom (or a plastic bucket cut to fit your dog's head) and hot glue on a cloth strip for a chin strap.

  • Paint the base of the can green.

  • Using colorful paper, cut a flower and glue on the top of the "helmet".

  • And because this craft says a dress, sew green lace or a bunch of green ribbons at the opening end of the pillowcase.

One last step: Have fun at Halloween!

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