Dog Dental Insurance Companies

Where can you find dog dental insurance companies and how much do they charge? We compared three companies for you.

It took considerable research to get insurance information from just three companies.

None of these companies has a stand-alone dental insurance policy for dogs.

Dental care such as root canals, periodontal work and extractions is included under treatment for illness in some policies.

Routine dental cleanings are either not covered, or are under a separate, preventive care plan.

All prices shown are in US dollars for May 2008.

Insurance Companies for Dental Cleanings

VPI Pet Insurance
Offer $100 coverage under their WellCare Premier Plan. In April 2008, this plan cost $22 a month. It has to be used in conjunction with one of their medical plans, the Standard (starting at $13/month) or the Superior (starting at $23/month) plan. Prices on these plans are based on the dog’s age and breed.

This means you’d pay a minimum of $35 a month, plus a deductible of $50 per incident.

Since dental cleanings usually involve general anesthesia and cost more than $100, getting this plan just for the dental cleaning option wouldn’t make sense. However, if you’re interested in illness and accident insurance and preventive care for your dog, it may be a good option.

PetsHealth Care Plan
Mentions average reimbursement of $234 for an annual dental cleaning. This comes under their Choice health insurance plan for dogs which starts at $54 a month. (For a 9-year-old larger dog like Comet, the quote was $67). This plan covers illness and injury with their highest level of per incident reimbursement, as well as a deluxe level of elective preventive care.

They have an annual deductible of $100, pay 80% of charges after you’ve paid the deductible, and offer a discount if you enroll more than one pet.

Exclusions from the Choice Plan:

  • Illnesses during the first 30 days of the plan
  • Pre-existing and recurring illness or injury prior to the effective date, unless 180 days have past since cure and last treatment
  • Dental cleanings other than those mentioned in the Choice Plan

They do not cover routine teeth cleanings for dogs but do offer dog dental insurance for other dental work.

Insurance Companies for Other Dental Work

VPI Pet Insurance
A VPI Standard or Superior Insurance policy covers many conditions related to a pet's teeth and mouth (such as periodontitis and root canals), as long as the condition(s) occurred after the policy became effective. However, deciduous (baby teeth) extractions are excluded. After a $50 deductible per incident VPI reimburses up to 90% of the plan’s benefit schedule allowance (or 90% of your eligible veterinary expenses), whichever is lower. This is for the Superior Plan. The payout on the Standard Plan appears to be about 45 to 55 percent.

PetPlan - in Canada, the UK and Australia under this name. In the U.S. under
Petplan claims to provide the most comprehensive reimbursement for veterinary fees relating to treatment administered by a licensed veterinarian for illness or injury (provided that it is not pre-existing or occurred during a waiting period) such as:

  • Non-routine dental treatment - such as tooth extraction, root canal but not routine teeth cleaning
  • Prescription medications
  • Referral and specialist treatment
  • Alternative and complementary treatments - such as acupuncture, hydrotherapy or chiropractic treatment

You can choose coinsurance (copay) from 0%, 10% or 20%. The higher your copays, the lower your premiums. You can also choose from a $50, $100 or $200 deductible per incident. Again, the higher your deductible, the lower your premium.

Sample quote per month with a $50 deductible per incident and 10% copay: (April 2008)
Bronze   $29.50    Maximum benefit per year $8,000
Silver    $32.80    Maximum benefit per year $12,000
Gold      $36.38    Maximum benefit per year $20,000

You pay first, submit your receipts, then get reimbursed. You may use any licensed vet in the countries represented.

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